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Apple’s First Retail Stores in Middle East Open October 29

After rumors began to surround the successful company Apple concerning the world’s largest Apple store being constructed in Dubai, within the United Arab Emirates, the company has officially announced two stores opening on Oct. 29. The article explains the stores will be opened in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two most populated cities in the UAE, whereas previously the closest Apple store was constructed hours away in Istanbul. The Dubai store will be located within the Mall of the Emirates, while the Abu Dhabi location will open in the Yas Mall.

Microsoft’s gutsy challenge to Apple Hardware: ‘Our best versus their best’

Microsoft has made confident claims in its recently-introduced Surface Book laptop. Business Insider states the executive of the laptop, Panos Panay, said the device functioned twice as fast as the MacBook Pro. The Surface Book laptop is a folding book-tablet laptop, built in part to win over Apple Fans.

Android malware apps might net hackers million, fool Google Play Store security

A recent host of malware has invaded several apps on Google’s app store, including official downloads of the Google Play Store itself. The article says the hackers behind the attack may make nearly $4 million on fraudulent installs of the affected apps, and over 900,000 devices have already been infected. The fake apps in the app store have been removed, however third-party sources selling apps may still be distributing infected applications.