Coding Skills Gap

There are many reasons for people to learn coding. But the most prominent one is that its a skill that is in high demand globally. Rapid growth of mobile apps and now artificial intelligence and big data has made demand for programmers come not just from tech firms like Google and Apple, but also from Fortune 500 firms around the world. One oft-quoted study shows that in the US alone, there will be a shortage of 1 million computer programmers by the year 2020.

There is no way that schools can produce enough computer science students fast enough to meet this demand. This has given rise to coding bootcamps, which mint freshly trained coders after 12 full weeks. But because of its popularity, getting into these bootcamps is becoming difficult without some preparation.

It is now important to start preparing for coding on your own from the many online tutorials that are out there or taking one day seminars to get a start on the path to learning this important skill.

For many in the ASEAN countries, it is important to get ahead of this coming demand. Visit to find out more about the opportunities to learn the basics of coding in a one day seminar.