Infinity Airdrop & Token Launch Update

The airdrop is complete and we’re excited to share usage stats since the marketplace went live, explain the token distribution, and announce plans for the Infinity token launch.

Airdrop Period Metrics

We can confidently say the airdrop was a success for bootstrapping the community and marketplace!

Below are the metrics for the 60 day period in which the airdrop campaign ran.

Marketplace Features

An engaged community is a successful one and we’ve seen a number of those from the NFT ecosystem jumping in with great feedback to make us even stronger.

We launched with basic functionality to list and buy NFTs, making a zero cost listing fee for OpenSea users as a core value prop, and since then have made a number of product improvements.

This is only the beginning and we’re excited for upcoming features in-progress and planned.

Here are three new features that are now live:

  • Zero Fees: Transaction fees on Infinity are now 0%. Selling an NFT has never been so cheap or easy.
  • Import OpenSea Listings: View your OpenSea NFT listings on Infinity and import them seamlessly with nothing more than a single signature request. As always, there are never gas fees for this. Get started here!
  • NFT attributes: Evaluation is becoming easier! NFT attributes are available to view on individual NFT pages.

Token distribution

The results are in and we are increasing the airdrop token distribution 10X from 3M to 30M. Transaction activity and fees to the community controlled treasury determined individual multipliers, which range from 2x to 95x.

We initially planned to have these tokens vest over 3 months, but since the token launch is now early-January, these tokens will be available to claim on day 0. Moreover, these tokens come at a valuation better than our seed investor tokens that have a 2-year vesting period. Community first!!!

Below we’ve provided a comparison of the initial amount and the new token distribution.

As suggested by the community, additional incentive and token distribution plans will be implemented for the Infinity community moving forward.

Twitter campaign

Initially, we are starting a Twitter campaign to bring more awareness to the benefits of Infinity and distribute more tokens to the community. We request the community to:

We are allocating 1M tokens towards this campaign which runs for 3 weeks, ending on Dec 31, 2021. Those who participate are entered into a lottery where 1,000 winners will be chosen. You will be able to see your earned tokens on at the end of the campaign.

Longer term incentives

Moving forward, there will be a longer term incentive plan for transaction activity on Infinity, which will last a full year. This is to ensure continued engagement with the community and onboard new users. More details on this will be shared next week.

Token launch

While earning the airdrop is over, we plan to officially launch the token and allow claiming in early-January. This will give us enough time to enable token utility within the platform.


The Infinity token will have utility within the platform itself to incentivize usage of the marketplace and create better governance and experiences for those discovering NFT collections & communities.

Staking tokens will provide a number of benefits:

  • Zero transaction fees
  • NFT curation
  • Powering NFT economies

Zero transaction fees

There are a number of fees across marketplace platforms from transaction fees to royalties that make it expensive to sell. We’re lessening this burden by providing discounted and zero fees for the community when they stake the token.

Other incentives will be provided in 30-day epochs. For those who wish to transact without staking the token, fees paid will be reimbursed in Infinity tokens at the end of each epoch period. The avg. token price at the completion of the 30-day period will determine the amount of tokens distributed.

NFT community curation

Whether you’re new to NFTs or minted a CryptoPunk in 2017, we all need ways to discover new and legit communities. That’s why we’re developing a curation process for those who stake their tokens.

NFT communities and collections are only increasing in importance, especially as there is more utility being developed for NFT holders. Those who vote for the winners are contributing to Infinity, making it a trusted platform, and will earn a return on their staked tokens as a result.

Powering NFT economies

Lastly, we see potential for the token to be part of a new class of dynamic NFTs with embedded HTML and smart contracts. For example, gaming and play-to-earn NFTs need a token that powers embedded economic incentives. However, not every independent developer wants to or should create their own token.

We have partnerships planned that leverage tokens embedded in NFTs for gaming and we’re engaging with developer communities that we expect will leverage the Infinity token for these new capabilities. Please fill out this form if you’d like to partner with us on this!

Keep in touch!

We’d love feedback and encourage engagement in Discord and on Twitter.



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