Pandorabots has added a new feature to AIML: Call API. This is an extension of the existing AIML 2.1 spec, but we are working on getting it standardized.

Call API was designed to solve two problems a lot of our bot developers had:

  1. How do I get dynamic information, like the weather, into my bot?
  2. How do I integrate my bot into my backend data system?

To solve these problems, you would previously have had to set up your own server running as a front end to your bot, passing through the user inputs and building AIML to pass back…

Live Training allows conversation designers (or the person responsible for making day-to-day bot updates) to intervene in active conversations and build bot responses in real-time based on real user data. This feature allows for rapid, iterative bot development.

It is great for internal testing with teammates or clients. You can build your bot from their simulated user conversations. And you can use it post-launch, which is when most the work happens based on the actual user inputs your chatbot receives in production.

Live Training is exclusive to Pro Plan users with the Chat Widget or Landing Page, but you are…

Editing chatbots can be challenging at scale, especially when team members use different tools to make changes. With GitHub push and pull now available on Pandorabots, you can sync complex code changes with regular updates your team members are making.

Code diff from a bot file.
Code diff from a bot file.

Conversational designers can use the no code tools available on Pandorabots to review logs, make changes, or architect new conversational abilities and push those changes to GitHub. The commits can be diff-ed and reviewed by other team members to make sure that they fall within the brand and style guidelines.

Backups are also now easier to manage, as each version…

First off, if you already have an account on Pandorabots, your plan will not be changed. But, you may want to get some of the benefits from our new pricing plans.

Our new plans are Sandbox, Developer, and Pro. All of our plans include a two week free trial where all of the features and channels available to the Pro plan will be open and available.


Our Sandbox plan will continue to be free and does not require any payment method. …

So you want to build a chatbot? To get there, you can take a lot of paths with varying levels of complexity (and varying levels of results).

Building a bot is building a product. Approaching chat, whether it is text, voice, or part of a multi-modal experience, should be done in the same way you plan out other products. You need to have consideration for business goals, user goals, success metrics, and resource planning.

We will take a high-level overview of what product planning can mean for chatbots, which is essentially asking yourself a lot of questions.

(Note: there are…

Travis Nelson

Head of Product and Design at Pandorabots

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