Get to Know about the Benefits and Limitations of Vertical Garden

In the present age of shrinking land spaces and increasing high-rises, the space existing for your own private garden is quite limited. Collective containerization in the urban areas hardly sees any of the greenery around, what with the gardens and also the lawns making way for parking plenty and additional living spaces.

A fresh innovative, yet Eco-friendly solution to these reduction horizontal spaces is the vertical garden Delhi which, as the name suggests, compromises of the option of having all the greenery growing vertically. Just put, vertical gardens are living walls –on a free standing, or as a part of the house structures which are covered with the fauna or vegetation anything from a grass to plants or kitchen herbs and even the vegetables such as tomatoes and garlic.

Benefits of vertical garden

· It improves aesthetics of the concrete structures.

· It does save the horizontal space.

· Vertical garden saves the water by reducing the need for watering as well as irrigation.

· It conserves all the energy by sequestering buildings, falling the need of air-conditioning.

· It filters the air particulates and helps to improve air quality.

· It also adds much-needed moisture to centrally-cooled offices.

· It creates biodiversity preservation organization.

Living walls or the green walls are independent vertical gardens which are attached to the exterior as well as the interior of a building. They vary from green facades in which the plants root in a mechanical support which is secured to the wall itself. The plants obtain water and nutrients from inside the vertical support in place of from the ground.

Vertical Gardening: used for Indoor as well as Outdoor Purposes

For the smaller size vertical gardens like below 100 square feet you can give the water by hand, but for the areas above the 100 sq.ft. You can also have drip irrigation system to give water to the Vertical Gardens.

For Vertical Gardens you would entail a simple MS Steel structure if you have a wall support though if the wall in not there you are a prerequisite to making the strong construction to sustain the Weight of the Vertical Garden Components as well as Panels.

The Cost of the Vertical Gardens lies between Rs.650 per sq.ft. to about Rs.1600 per Sq.ft. depending upon the number of issues such as the system that you choose, structure, the design, plants, also the irrigation system, location etc.

You can grow up whichever the plants you like on the Vertical Gardens such as herbs to make them as attractive as you would like them to see. The Vertical gardens take up less space, are informal to harvest, and tranquil to maintain.


· For growing up vertical garden you need a sunny space.

· If they are constructed too high, they can be very difficult to maintain. Don’t make them higher than you can able to reach.

· The support system needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of all the things.

· The supportive wall must be capable of enduring a lot of moisture. You can also use the polyethylene layer to generate a moisture barrier between the vertical garden and the wall.

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