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The Infireum Universal Wallet is Infireum’s solution for frictionless cross-border transactions, secure multi-asset digital storage, and management of digital asset portfolios. Here’s a start up guide and quick overview about the app.

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The Infireum team has been pretty busy lately, and in case you haven’t noticed, our highly-anticipated universal digital wallet has recently hit the Google Play Store!

Infireum Universal Wallet

Behold, our powerful software solution for frictionless cross-border transactions, secure multi-asset digital storage, and management of digital asset portfolios — Infireum Universal Wallet.

Instead of leaving your assets in exchange wallets where a security breach might compromise them, we wanted to provide you the option of taking responsibility for your own assets, in your own digital wallet. Apart from encryption software and industry standard security protocols, the Infireum Universal Wallet also has a block…

Every reputable blockchain project has their own blockchain protocol. We’re proud to announce that ours was launched late last month, and has already been receiving a lot of interest from potential partners. Infireum would like to thank everyone that has approached us with queries to future-proof your project, we are more than happy to answer all your questions.

And for the uninitiated…

Behold, InfireumChain!

Vision for InfireumChain

After months of internal testing, pushing our network capabilities to its absolute limits, and multiple cycles of optimisation, we are proud to announce that our mainnet is now live.

What This Means

The migration to our mainnet comes with a change…

On 12th January 2020, our CEO, Tom Wills, was invited to talk about Infireum to a group of distinguished individuals. Tom has been in the financial tech space for over 30 years, and has been personally mentored by the CEO of VISA when he joined the company in its budding years.

For those that missed the event, here are some highlights from last Sunday:

Infireum’s CEO, Tom Wills, engaging with his audience

Infireum 2.0

Infireum’s original technological infrastructure started out with a dual-token, dual-layer infrastructure designed with the sole focus to eliminate earlier blockchain systems flaws.

Now, as we move forward in the next phase of our development, focusing on…

S2A is a unique business model coined by Infireum. Find out what the S2A model is and how it sets Infireum apart from the blockchain projects in the space.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

What is the S2A model?

As the name suggests, the S2A model, short for the Structured Accelerated Adoption model, is a framework designed for projects who wish to spearhead a high adoption rate of a technology, product, service.. You get the drift. …

Change the way you live.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

What is Infireum?

Infireum is an advanced digital asset-based value exchange system that supports fast, secure and low-cost transactions at high scale with a dual-layer, dual-blockchain infrastructure. Infireum aims to create a highly-trusted digital value-exchange system which can be easily integrated into any existing online platform, be it e-commerce, gaming, investments or others. We are working towards mass adoption through our Structured Accelerated Adoption (S2A) model. To find out more about the unique S2A model used by Infireum to attain mass adoption and economic development, click here.

What’s Unique About Infireum?

Infireum uses a dual-layer, dual-blockchain technology to cater to all communities…


Change the way you live.

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