Infireum Universal Wallet

A Quick Guide For New Users

The Infireum Universal Wallet is Infireum’s solution for frictionless cross-border transactions, secure multi-asset digital storage, and management of digital asset portfolios. Here’s a start up guide and quick overview about the app.

Sign Up

Congratulations on downloading your Infireum Universal Wallet! For new users, please click Sign Up. Read through the Infireum Universal Wallet Privacy Policy before clicking Agree. You will arrive at this page:

Fill in your password and hint for your password. Remember to set a unique password that does not contain any common information about you like your name, birthday or identity number so as to prevent your account from being compromised. If you are having trouble with setting a password, make sure that your password does not contain any symbols. Once you are done, click Next, and you will be led to this page:

You are advised not to skip this step as you will not be able to retrieve your account if you do not have this QR code or your 12-word seed phrase. This means that your account, along with the digital assets you have stored in it will be lost forever.

To save this backup QR code, press Click To Display Backup Code. You might be prompted to select a permissions settings. Click Allow to grant the app the permission to save a copy of your QR code in your phone gallery. Your unique QR code will appear as such:

Please make sure that a copy of your backup QR code is saved in your phone and other places (in print, on a cloud storage etc) before pressing Done.

Please also note that this QR code is not the same as any of your QR codes for your wallet addresses.

Your account has been successfully created!


This tab displays the latest value of popular digital assets, news and announcements in the space, as well as popular block explorers to find out detailed information about blocks, addresses and transactions.


Here, you can add additional layers to secure your account, check for version updates, change language or currency you are viewing in the wallet.

You can also export your private key for individual wallets here. Select Export Private Key and select the wallet you wish to export the private key from.

If you frequently send digital assets to a particular wallet, you also can add that recipient’s wallet address for quick access. Simply go to Addresses, press the + symbol, and fill in your friend’s name and wallet address and save it.

Backing Up

To back up your account, go to Settings, and then click Back Up Your Account. You will be required to enter your password to continue.

Recovering Account

To recover your account, enter your 12-phrase seed phrase or your unique QR code. Note that this QR code is not the same as your wallet address. Once done, you should be able to recover your account.

For those who have yet to download the app, click here.

Warning: Your personal QR Code and 12-word Seed Phrase are vital for account recovery. Please make sure that you safe-keep these private keys well. The Infireum team will not be able to assist in recovery of private keys as this is a decentralised wallet. Infireum takes no responsibility for lost assets due to the loss of your private keys.

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