Launch of our Mainnet, InfireumChain

3 min readApr 1, 2020

Every reputable blockchain project has their own blockchain protocol. We’re proud to announce that ours was launched late last month, and has already been receiving a lot of interest from potential partners. Infireum would like to thank everyone that has approached us with queries to future-proof your project, we are more than happy to answer all your questions.

And for the uninitiated…

Behold, InfireumChain!

Vision for InfireumChain

After months of internal testing, pushing our network capabilities to its absolute limits, and multiple cycles of optimisation, we are proud to announce that our mainnet is now live.

What This Means

The migration to our mainnet comes with a change from our original ERC-20 token to an interoperable token, IFRC. In addition to its predecessor’s original properties, the new and improved IFRC token will also be used across all apps, products and other platforms built on InfireumChain.

For the Infireum team, this is a major developmental milestone, an Independence Day of sorts — the separation and autonomy of the Infireum infrastructure from the original infrastructure we once relied on.

With the independence, of course, comes full control of our blockchain. To put things into perspective, we will no longer be bound by the vulnerabilities or limitations of any other blockchain networks. If we want to amp up our TPS, we can. If we want to implement novel features unique to Infireum’s ecosystem, we can. Most importantly, we can mend any inefficiencies immediately, strengthening the security of our network.

Technical Elegance of The InfireumChain Mainnet

Protocol: Variable Node Validation Authority (VNVA)

We are using a novel protocol called the Variable Node Validation Authority (VNVA). The verification process was designed by our protocol specialists to perform secure transactions at competitive speeds. Using architecture built by our tech engineers, multiple parallel chains can be verified using high-speed ‘messengers’ through encrypted blocks complete with their timestamps, making all transactions transparent and immutable.

With this foundation, all current and future products, services, and players powered by or residing on our proprietary blockchain will be able to enjoy the same benefits of speed, transparency, and security.

This of course includes our token suite — IFRC, IE, and InBIQ, all of which reside on InfireumChain. IFRC is the main utility token which powers the Infireum ecosystem, addressing issues including system performance. Complementarily, InBIQ and IE will largely be used within our retail ecosystem, with properties designed to spearhead and support a critical mass of consumer uptake. Together, they will help tackle key issues standing in the way of widespread digital adoption.

Motivation for Migration

In preparation for the mass of users we anticipate will adopt Infireum’s products and services, the team realised that we required a technical infrastructure that solves current frustrations of blockchain networks, namely lack of interoperability, performance limitations including speed and scalability, and security vulnerabilities.

VNVA addresses all three with its multiple parallel chains, high-speed relays, sub-channels and hashed blocks complete with timestamps.

By using the VNVA parallel chains, the Infireum ecosystem is able to support a greater number of chains, which also allows an increased ease of integration of blockchain projects in our ecosystem, as well as more opportunities for collaborations with various organisations in both crypto and non-crypto industries. With this launch, our business development team has also started identifying and approaching companies and enterprises who are potentially interested in adopting our mainnet.

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