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Nov 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Inflr is focused on creating digital marketing solutions using the latest technology for microinfluencers. We believe that all micro-influencers should have the opportunity to participate in an exchange that stimulates the creation of high-quality advertising content and allows digital influencers to be compensated for the true value of their influence.

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Inflr has created the first platform that connects advertisers to influencers within a marketplace using blockchain technology. With Inflr, advertisers can promote their products and services using the influence of social network users.

Always looking to create balanced relationships between advertisers and influencers, Inflr was created to:

CONNECT influencers with advertisers through a comprehensive and easy-to-use ad platform.

FACILITATE dialogue between influencers and advertisers on a platform that provides rapid communication, submission and approval of content, and multiple forms and payment, making transactions even safer.

CREATE TRANSPARENCY with access to real-time results and data, enabling advertisers to track the progress and effectiveness of their ad campaign, and to better understand their investment returns and brand development.

EVALUATE accurately the efficacy of influencers through the use of artificial intelligence and through technical analysis of collected data such as influencer posts, scope and nature of audience reaction, longevity of post relevance, and size of “friend” networks. The analysis of these data is used to generate a score that aides in assessing the utility of different influencers and connecting the right advertisers with the right influencers.

INSPIRE AND EDUCATE micro-influencers to improve the quality of the content they produce by bringing them together to collaborate, learn, and create content together. Inflr provides an easy-to-navigate platform where influencers, advertising agencies, representatives, and brands can interact freely; everyone is enriched through shared experiences, continually stimulating the digital influencer market. As part of efforts to create an environment of this magnitude, Inflr has devised a framework that encompasses not only a platform, but a complete ecosystem of products and services for influencers and advertisers.

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