I knew, that if there was 1 response to this post, it would be about an Android user responding…
Valera Kushnir

OK! Great response but what I stated was “customization on an Android” is far superior to what the iPhone provides. Now your experience with the different android devices may have not been satisfactory, but that is rather pale to the positive experience of people around the world.

Yes HTC messed up, but Samsung seems to be learning and are leaping far beyond their limits and mistakes.

If your argument is that unless “Google manufactures a android phone tightly with the Android OS, then they cant beat the iPhone” is as well mistaken.

The reason the Android as a OS exists, is in the possibility it gives for anyone to manufacture and build to an endless possibility with different devices.

It’s one of the reasons we have superb android boxes and Raspberry Pi chips running android as a OS, but yet you won’t find such relative ease getting the iOS to work with such embedded devices or even low spec hardware constraints due to it’s evident tight integration with the iPhone.

Android allows that because it’s been built on a solid foundation of the linux OS. The possibilities of what we can create with the Android OS and the length we can push it, is still yet to be found. But this testimony fails poorly on the iOS side.

Apple sells a dream of User experience but that is static, never really evolving and when it does, evolves at rather slow pace hence why we Jailbreak our iPhones.

I love apple devices, but hands down, the customization capability with an Android are far superior, but we are left chasing the wind consistently to free the iPhone to tap into the possibility because of the constraints of the iPhone iOS.

End to end device integration is swell, but what is the use when our iPhone’s bluetooth can barely connect with other devices of different OS and don’t you dare say optimization, because being incapable of sending a simple picture to a friends Android phone is no optimization of bluetooth usage.

Even more so, changing ringtones and multitasking became so priced features that they landed late when the world was fully used to that.

Yes being able to provide a fully optimized device that leaks every possible speed from your hardware is great, but the Android can do that and so much more.

Your customisation capabilities are evidently massive and staggering with a Android OS compared to that of the iOS.

Customizations is the argument.

PS: I also use Apple devices and own a iPhone 6Plus.

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