“DroAlert” An Intelligent IOT based Home Security System


This adds up to nearly 10500 robberies per year. Here are some surprising but true facts about home burglaries that will startle you…

  1. Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Most burglaries take place not at night but in broad daylight. This is the time when most people tend to be in their offices, schools or work. This greatly reduces the chance that burglars will be noticed. Burglaries tend to occur more during the time when people are supposedly at work or running errands.

2. Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window.

It’s not that burglars look for secret passageways to get in. They enter through doors and windows that we have left unlocked. It is hardly ever a question of breaking open a door or picking a lock. An astonishing 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

3. The property and money loss per year through burglaries is huge.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the average property and money loss per burglary was a staggering 8, 21,00 lakh in 2015. During decadal period, an increase of 240.8% in properties loss was observed (from₹2,40,900 lakh in 2005)

4. Only 13.6% of burglaries in 2014 resulted in arrests.

And only 20% of the total value in money and property stolen was recovered. This includes not just valuables and money stolen from home break-ins but also vehicles like cars and two wheelers from homes.

5. Someone is home during nearly three out of every ten burglaries.

The thought of coming home and finding your home ransacked and your valuables stolen is frightening enough, but the thought of your loved ones at home while the burglars attack is even more traumatic. According to the NCRB, at least one household member is present and at risk of a violent crime every time a robbery occurs.

6. 50% would be someone you would recognize.

Most often than not, crimes like burglaries and dacoity are committed by people one knows. They could be anyone from people working in your house or anyone that has access to your house and the surrounding areas. There is very less suspicion attached with them and frequent the neighborhood.

7. 69% burglaries result in murders.

The news is rife with incidents of murders and attempts at homicide during house thefts. It is usually children or elders in the family that are left alone during the day time hours. Burglars find that these homeowners can be easily subdued and hence murders occur during such home invasions.

8. Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems.

It is true that burglars are wary of houses with security systems. 83% burglars admitted that they specifically look to see if there’s an alarm; 60% would change their mind if there was one installed. Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

Isn’t it time for you to safeguard yourself against home invasions and enhance your house defense by installing a trustworthy “DroAlert” an intelligent IOT based home security system and moving one step further towards keeping your loved ones safe?



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