How to Share QuickBooks File between Two Computers?

You need to have both the systems at the same network and then only you can sync both the files. Here, you need to assure that you set right installation option for all your systems. Here is what the best you can do: Uninstall QuickBooks software from both the computers and then reinstall them with right options that your software may need. Once both the computers are configured, you will get all the files stored in your primary computers and then allow the files to sync data on other system over the same network.

To manage and merge two different company files, use Data Transfer Utility. It is a third-party utility that helps user to merge files.

How to Merge Company Files?

How to share QuickBooks file between two computers

· Download Data Transfer Utility. You can download it from Intuit. Install the utility on your primary computer. Primary system is the one that will host your data file.

· Copy company file from your primary system from secondary system. Share the file onto your disk and transfer to the primary computer over the network.

· Now, open QuickBooks in your primary system.Now, on your secondary system: Select File → Open or Restore Company → Open a Company. The file is called Source File and it will help you sync information from source system to destination file.

· Now, in the “Export Data from Source Company,” select “Open Source Company” button.

· Click on “Yes, always; Allow Access Even if QuickBooks is Not Runningand then click on the checkbox that will allow user to access personal data. Now, select “Continue” then “Yes” and then click on “Done.”

· Now, select the “Close” in the field “Currently Connected To.”You will find the option in Data Transfer Utility.

· In your QuickBooks Software, from the File Menu, click on the “Close Company.”

· Now, select the “File,” click on “Open or Restore Company.”

· Now, click on “Open Company” in QuickBooks Software. Now, select the file that you are originally using in your system.

· Now, in the “Import Data into Destination Company,” click on the “Open Destination Company” section of the Transfer Utility of Disk.

· Now, click on “Yes, always; Allow Access Even if QuickBooks is Not Running” and then click on the check box. This will allow app to use personal information. Now, select “Continue,” “Yes” and then click on “Done” in your Accounting Software.

· In the file transfer utility, select the “Close” button in the field “Currently Connected To.”

· In the QuickBooks, from the “File” menu and click on “Close Company.”

· Now, in the Data Transfer Utility, select “Change” and then click “Select Type of Data.” Now, this will show the information that you need in the system through Data Transfer Utility.

· In the Import Data Utility, from the section “Import Data into Destination” click on the “Import Data.” Through this, the information will be synchronized from both the systems.

· Once the process is finished, delete the source file from the primary system.

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