BadBit.Games — Matic Network Migration

Today we announce our migration to Matic Network from Loom Network. Matic is set to become the leading Ethereum layer-2 solution that provides scalable, secure and instant transactions using sidechains based on an adapted implementation of Plasma framework for asset security and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

BadBit.Games Migrates to Matic Network from Loom Network

We expect Matic to provide excellent infrastructure that empowers our continuous delivery of fun, exciting and competitive gaming products. BadBit.Games on Matic will continue to offer one of the fastest blockchain gambling experience in the world, with free transactions for players. Transfer of assets such as $ETH and $BAD will be managed by a transfer gateway smart contract deployed on the main Ethereum network. This means we will remain the 100% decentralized Smart Casino that we have always been, where players retain full control of their funds at all times.

Moving to Matic will enhance security. The Matic sidechain is expected to be governed by more than 100 PoS validators, with transactions anchored to the main Ethereum network at regular intervals using the Plasma-enabled “checkpointing” technology.

Moving to Matic will also accelerate our games. Matic block times is expected to be around 1 second, which is even faster than the Loom Network Basechain.

Matic Network is expected to be a flourishing ecosystem for dapps featuring payment, defi and blockchain infrastructure applications, as well as games. There will be multiple avenues for us to explore value creation and synergistic gains for our $BAD token holders.

We plan to deploy our smart contracts on Matic Network as soon as possible after the Matic mainnet goes live. As one of the first dapps to deploy on Matic we are excited to bring our games to Matic’s thriving community, which we are certain will offer invaluable ideas and suggestions to take this project further.

Please stay tuned for further updates on several new features that will accompany our Matic Network migration, as well as important migration housekeeping procedures for our existing players.

Here at BadBit.Games we are all incredibly excited by this imminent move. We hope to invite all players to experience the decentralized difference at BadBit.Games, the 100% decentralized Smart Casino powered by Ethereum and Matic Network — very soon!

BadBit.Games is the world’s first 100% decentralized Smart Casino powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Play now at https://BadBit.Games/ and start winning today!

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