2019 A Fab Year for Fashion and Beauty!

2019 is a Fab year! Fashion and Beauty founders, proud to be multicultural. Now, We are a movement. This is the beginning of a Fab year. I’m excited to see the community continuing to grow so fast, with now 11 chapters, 1500+ founders & funders connected worldwide.

We are a movement. If you are a Fashion and Beauty lovers, join it!

We empower people to find their Best self. We are about conscious Beauty and Fashion. We are untamed, fierce, and fearless. We believe Tech empowers humans.

We believe that the act of coming together creates new opportunities.

We are about big ideas that solve hard problems. And guess what, self-confidence is helping us to have a better life! We are a real world community that is not just about business but also help build vibrant connections. We are Founders and Funders who support each other, finding the right talent, and sharing our learnings in multiple local events. We welcome what we call “ethic” influencers, partners in the long term, and sharing our values.

We learn from each ecosystem. Shanghai LA Paris Berlin San Francisco…We listen to different voices. It makes us stronger. What’s next?

Born in SAN FRANCISCO, the city of purpose and data-driven founders & funders.

I’m excited to host the 5th meeting January 29th. From customized jeans just for you (Unspun) to Chinese medicine and clean beauty for good (5yna), we’ll have entrepreneurs on stage shaping our future. We are also honored to have with us Rakesh Tondon founder of Le Tote (renting platform) and Diishan Imira founder of Mayvenn (african hair extensions), both inspiring role models and successful entrepreneurs, who show that when you have a great idea (finding a solution to a real problem for customers) and an edge in the go to market strategy, you build a community, learn from your customers and advocates, and scale fast. San Francisco is the city of communities. No surprise that there are so many successful platforms here.

LOS ANGELES, the city of bold entrepreneurs, creative minds and influencers.

I’m convinced that LA will be the most exciting place in the years to come for Direct-to-consumer brands. With Zack Parker, I’m super excited to host the first meeting January 17th in West Hollywood. I wouldn’t be surprise that the next champions in luxury would come from there. LA is the center of urban movements and streetwear, where celebrity meet entertainment and content entrepreneurs, where influencers work with data analytics solutions and care about growth hacking. Here conscious consumption and sustainable fashion are a lifestyle.

PARIS, the city of French touch and French tech, inspiring the world (I know I have cognitive biases as a French lady!).

January 17th, there will be the third meeting in Paris hosted by Isabelle Rabier and Ilan Koskas.

They invite tech founders on stage. Alex Lebrun, who has lived many years in the Silicon Valley and sold his precedent company to Facebook. Nabla, his new startups, enables corporations to have the best solution for conversational agents and chatbots.

There will be also people embodying what I would call the French Touch. Mathilde Lacombe is a serial entrepreneur. Her company Aime Skin Care is about daily supplements and redefining beauty in a more holistic way. She also creates fashion capsules and is already a famous influencer. Clean Beauty has a capital, it’s Paris. It’s not just about regulation but customer awareness. Many luxury brands have their office in Paris, where could grow new global champions.

BERLIN, the city of wellness and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

January 24th, Elnura Ashimova, the founder of Yoganect (platform), leading the chapter in Germany, shows what it means to care about our impact. Pascal Klein founder of Asana Rebel or Claire Ralston founder of Merme are other examples. Her startup also gives a better service to people like Madame Miranda (hairtstylist and beauty platform).

LONDON, the city of all trends

February 5th, hosted by Emilie Spire, Jin Kwon founder of Tonic15, will introduce K-Beauty, Marie Drago founder of Gallinée will talk about microbiome as a founder and chemistry PhD, and Sarah Jossel the Beauty Director of Sunday times style will give us an overview of what’s next with our speakers. London has always welcome people from different cultures. It’s also one of the cities for fashion, playing its role to invent the new rules.

It’s very frustrating not to be able to say a word on all founders on stage. But you ‘ve got the idea of the good vibes in each ecosystem.

I was a few weeks ago in Shanghai, amazed by the pace of growth, and considering Chinese customers could rapidly change their behaviors in the years to come, for beauty and luxury brands. I’ll try to share my thoughts at China Connect conference in Paris mid March, and I’m enthusiastic about our chapters in Seoul Tokyo and now Shanghai.

We’re also excited to welcome the new chapter in Spain. And to attend next meeting in New-York, hosted by Danielle Cohen-Shohet on March 7th.

If you are not convinced yet by the rising champions. A few insights:

- CB insights says $3 billion in venture funding has gone to DTC brands since 2012.

this year, investment by Venture Capital has exceeded $1Bn.

With increased competition, the cost of customer acquisition has skyrocketed. Prioritizing customer engagement and loyalty will be essential, that’s why we have Founded Fab Co-Creation Studio

- Merger Acquisitions should explode in the years to come, as corporations are eager to find new ways to engage with specific communities.

If you are a Founder and Funder, join the community, subscribe to our newsletter, attend events.

If you are a corporation, be our partner. We are a Think Tank and give you the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Open innovation is the way to move forward and create value to your business, while making a cultural shift.

Thank you to our amazing chapter leaders, members of our striving community and all our engaged followers on social media. Together, we are shaping a better future.

We are a movement.

Odile Roujol ,

Founder of Fashion and BeautyTech community https://www.beautytechcommunity.com/

Fab Studio


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