Advertising agencies — then and now!

Advertising is the most influential and powerful medium in the present commercial society. It creates an entire worldview, shaping our attitude and beliefs.

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Back in 1786, William Taylor founded the first Advertising Agency followed by James “Jem” White in 1800 in London and Reynell & Son in 1812. But they were limited in scope — they did not create ads but simply served as a broker of advertising space in newspapers and magazines.

Over the years, the nature of the advertising business has greatly changed in accordance to the rapidly changing customer requirements. Simply making pretty ads in this highly competitive world will not pay off — it requires a right combination of old and new techniques. Hence the agencies added various services and perform many functions like research, planning, preparing and marketing of advertisements in both traditional and digital media platforms.

To execute these various functions, the industry requires talented people who can cultivate innovative and creative new ideas with an ultimate aim of meeting the client’s goals of increasing sales as much as possible.

In a seminar, Tim Williams, founder and managing director of Ignition Consulting Group said, “Advertisers now also want to talk to media companies directly once again, sidelining the role of ad agencies. Therefore, now, media companies are setting up internal creative agencies. At the same time, production companies, too, are getting into the business of creativity by setting up their own creative solutions shops. All this, in turn, has led to ad agencies getting into the business of media, as well as production. So, in the future, there will be little or no difference between all three sets of companies and all three will directly compete against each other.”

The key to success here is to develop a strategic mindset — the more strategic thinking you have, the more you can identify what the future will hold, and hence the clients will have confidence to see it through to the end.

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Taking advantage of the available traditional and non traditional media, we have provided and are still providing the best solutions to gain maximum connection with the customers.