My child with fear of darkness

Hi I wanted to share with you an important memoir.
 One evening I ate a family meal and ate a saloon I slept in my little boy ‘s sleeping hour came to the room I went to read the book I had a light but my son’ s darkness fear that I burned his night lamp and I got out of the room.
I slept a bit on the internet until I was asleep. I saw the site of Conbello while I was walking. I was surprised to see Nano technology. I was very surprised that there were very interesting things. There were t-shirts that changed color outside and shone in the dark and I had a fear of darkness in my son who was interesting. I ordered two T-shirts immediately, one of them was a color-changing one,
On the second day the cargom came very surprised with my son. It was very interesting indeed. She immediately wore the shirt changing color. She was very happy when she saw that the color changed.
 I wore a tee shining in the dark while I was sleeping in the evening. I went to the room and closed the night light and the patterns on the tee shone brightly. It was a kind of joke. It was like a joke. I wanted to turn on my night lamp, but no, my mom said shut up and my son, CONBELLO,