Since the evolution of cryptocurrencies, a lot of crypto exchanges have sprung up in several locations around the world. Some of these exchanges are set up by credible individuals with a view to transacting genuine businesses. However, some other exchanges are out there to scam unsuspecting members of the public who are unaware of their gimmicks. Therefore, it is important that as a potential investor or amateur investors, you should look out for some factors before settling for a crypto exchange.


In just the recent year, the level of growth experienced by blockchain currencies has been exponentially…

Currently, the financial world is agog with the sensation of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the first virtual currency was introduced into the financial world in 2009. Since the launch of Bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies have crept up. Right now, there are over 800 cryptocurrencies in the market. One of the ways which virtual currencies enter the market is through initial coin offering or ICO.

The amount raised through ICO as at July 2017 was pegged at about $1,252,676,352. What this means is that within 7 months, over a billion dollar has been raised through initial coin offering. The cryptocurrency market is experiencing…

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