Twitter Analytics Report by The Future of Work (First published Nov 19, 2019)

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As the nation prepared for the much-awaited Kogi elections, the trends that the voting process threw up online were worthy of analysis. It was clearly going to be a fierce contest amongst key rivals.

This analytics report was carried out in 2019 for the 2019 kogi elections. For an in-depth analysis, The Future of Work Africa collected data from November 15th 2019- November 17th 2019 using the hashtags #KogiDecides and #KogiDecides2019.

A total of 172,728 tweets were collected altogether. Breaking this down, we had 129,788 retweets from 44,893 unique handles. That’s a whole lot of handles considering the Nigerian twitter population and the fact that it was a state election.

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General Overview


A number of words popped up during our data gathering process. However, the top 10 keywords were:

On the other hand, the bottom 10 keywords were:

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An interesting mention was the name “El-Rufai”. Prior to the election, there was a heavy negative sentiment towards the incumbent, who later won, Yahaya Bello. To appease the people, El-Rufai knelt before them to ask for their forgiveness. As of 2019, El-Rufai was the governor of Kaduna State.

It is important to note that these keywords started to show a strong presence before November 16, 2019. The election took place on that date. Against this background, the words suggested the occurrence of pre-election violence and a possible extension of that to the election. Sadly, these were no mere words. Reports on the election confirmed our suspicions.

General Tweet Patterns

The tweet time showed that people talked about the Kogi elections more between 10 am and 5 pm. The conversations declined as the later parts of the evening approached.

Three major parties dominated the conversation. They were:

APC had a total tweet of 5,380 mentions, PDP had 2,826 and SDP had 48.

Some of the words used alongside with APC were:

Of the 5,380 tweets associated with APC, 4,180 were retweets and 3,379 handles were involved.

PDP’s common mentions included the following words:

Of its 2,826 mentions, 2,300 were retweets and 1,885 handles were active participants.

Words associated with SDP included:

Of its 48 mentions, 29 were retweets and 47 handles were involved. The Full Report is downloadable here.

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