Guidelines for Charities That Collect and Sell Stamps

Collecting stamps and then selling them later on for a profit is a common practice used by charities all over the world to generate a considerable amount of cash to use for whatever purposes they wish. If you have a charity and are interested in using this fund-raising method, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind so that you can maximize your income.

First of all, it has to be understood that raising funds through stamp collecting will only work if you have huge quantities of stamps to work with in the first place. If you just receive a handful of stamps from occasional donors, the measly profits you will get will probably not be worth your time and effort. Most stamp buyers buy stamps per kilo so you should be prepared to collect stamps by the thousands if you want your fund raising efforts to pay off.

In order to get the best price from stamp buyers, the stamps that you collect should still be attached to the backing paper, with about half a centimeter of paper margin all around the edges of the stamp, no more, no less. It would also be good if you can sort the stamps in some manner, like according to the country of origin.

The more supporters your charity has, the more stamps you can collect, so do try to advertise your fund raiser to as many people as possible. If you have contacts in other countries, it would be good to encourage them to collect stamps for you as well, since this would bring in rarer pieces that may be worth a higher price for collectors.

Help Charities by Donating Stamps

Most people automatically throw away the envelopes whenever they receive postal mail, not realizing that the stamps stuck onto these envelopes can actually be used for a good purpose. Of course, if you are a stamp collector, you will be loath to throw away the stamped envelopes, at least not until you have checked the value of the stamp attached to it. But even if you don’t collect stamps for a hobby, you may still want to hold on to these stamps because you can donate them to charities that sell these stamps to raise funds.

If you live in the United Kingdom, there are numerous charities that accept stamp donations, which they will sell in order to earn money for helping with relief efforts, as well as for assisting people with special health needs, and so on.

Help Charities by Collecting Stamps

If you wish to help charities but you don’t really have a lot of money or material things to donate, it would be a good idea to start collecting stamps. Not a lot of people realize it but there are many charities that would be very happy to receive stamp donation of any kind. Of course, rarer stamps will generate more money but even the ordinary ones will help as well.

There are many ways of collecting stamps for donation to charity. First, you can collect your own stamps — these are the ones that are on the envelopes that you get in the mail. Simply cut out the stamps from the envelopes and keep them until you have acquired a decent amount to donate.

Second, you can ask your friends to do the same. Most people will be very willing to do this, especially once they realize that this very simple act can help people in need in many parts of the world. In fact, if you have friends abroad, it would be great if you can encourage them to join in the collection effort as well.

Third, keep your eye out for special issue stamps and stamps from rarely seen countries because these have a much higher value and would translate to a higher monetary price, which means it would be of more use to the charity to which you are donating the stamps. It is also a good idea if you can encourage people to keep sending postage mail, which has slowly been becoming a rarity since the advent of the Internet.

Some of the more well-known charities in the England area that take stamp donations are the Royal National Institute for the Blind, the Leukemia Research Fund, St. Francis Hospice, the Leprosy Mission, the Brittle Bone Mission, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, and LUCIA, which stands for Life Uplifted by Change in Africa, and which assists various people in need in Africa.

If you are interested in donating any of your stamps to these charities or other charities in your community, it would be good if you can cut out the stamps from the envelopes, leaving about half an inch of paper around the stamp. These charities will accept stamps of all kinds so you don’t have to worry about the cost or appearance of the stamps that you wish to donate.