Our client is one of the biggest suppliers of spare parts for transport vehicles and buses in Slovakia and the only producer of buses in our country. With more than 90k different kinds of commodities in its warehouses and growing operations every year, the point where all the stock movements in, between and out of the warehouses became particularly challenging was reached. It has had certain implications for controlling, reporting processes and in overall transparency of financial and data flows in company.

As being a long term partner of Microsoft with Navision software as the main ERP solution in place…

Company culture and benefits are one of the main pillars of motivation and thus people’s stability in firms. Today it’s not enough providing employees with a better standard wage but it is crucial to have a wide portfolio of attractive benefits and an active HR department to acquire new motivators. Benefits such as home office, flexible working hours, support of leisure and sport activities, etc. are pretty common. That is why we are looking into the future and try to involve employees more into the company life. …

…on a wave of Artificial Intelligence

September 13th is traditionally celebrated as International Programmers’ Day, International Chocolate Day and A Day of positive thinking. We also organized the 3rd year of Localhost Exploration Day (LED 2019) on that day. LED is our unique company event where we explore trendy topics resulting in concepts pushing our firm forward.

The current year was on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave. The topic has resonated in our company for some time now and we decided to test it on our internal project ChatBot for supporting company culture, then possibilities of implementing AI into our…

Mobile First Challenges


The first day of July was a day when yet another year of IT Summer Camp (ITSC) at localhost started which we all attended. This year’s topic was “Mobile first challenges” and was aimed on development of Android applications.

On the first day we got to meet company employees with whom we were in touch mostly during the ITSC. We went through ITSC roadmap, were introduced to what we were to develop, how we would do it and what technologies were to be used. Basic company info was also shared with us. We can sum it up…

Scrum is a mechanism to manage projects which was created as a group of people discussing and advising on how to solve a concrete problem. Its creation meant the introduction of individual parts of a development team to the self process of making specification which elegantly made room not only for developers but also common users whose opinions started to matter more then any time before.

Scrum itself is one of the most used managing mechanisms. Its usage was only about management of controlling projects but also about creating mini-managers for each part of a development team which brought a…

Last month, I had an opportunity to visit one of the biggest tech summits in Europe — VIVA technology in Paris.

Honestly, I was sceptic as 2 years ago I attended Websummit in Lisbon and — I was quite disenchanted. Full of overhyped so-called startupers and influencers, I felt lost and rolled by buzzwords and bullshit in general. But what I found on VIVA technology was quite the opposite.

Once visiting a summit, I am interested especially in 2 areas — in agrotech (because of our own product — getFarmer) and also in panel discussions regarding economy, future tech, nature-responsible…

CI / CD adoption changed the way developers and testers deliver software.

This article describes our way of CI/CD adoption giving a closer look on various tools and process changes that helped us being more successful. Development approaches constantly change: not so long ago there was perhaps a single development approach: Waterflow, this was followed by Agile and today it’s definitely DevOps.

Today, DevOps is a way how modern developers create their products.

New methods of continuous integrity, continuous delivery (CI/CD) and continuous deployment came with DevOps growth. …


At high school, we were to attend student research and professional activities program (SOC) organised by the ministry of education. Physics projects led by our physics teacher had already had their rich tradition. Younger students took over projects after the school’s graduates and one of those was called “magnets”.

Competition in Bratislava

It was about the use of small magnets on pads that hover on air cushion (like air-hockey) and simulation of a thermodynamic system. Motion of the magnets was recorded and the video processed by a special software to finally get characteristics from the data (temperature, pressure, etc.) Michal Géci had already…

My analytical mind sometimes gives me sleepless nights.

One time, in its furthest parts, (4th core at 10 per cent capacity), it began to deal with one question — who actually is a professional in the IT area. We recognize many professionals in various areas of sports, science and technology, but within IT, since it is a very young industry, examples or ideals of professionals are rather scarce.

Quite obviously, the first thing that popped up was to find out what that professional actually is using Google/Wiki. One basic definition states it’s a person who earns living performing given activity…

Localhost Exploration Day

It is hackathon-style session, but not focused only on coding and thus dedicated only for tech people, but also on bringing up any bright idea to make life in our company better and easier.

This year we put emphasis on fintech domain, where our product portfolio is aimed at and where we have long term partnerships. So, what did we come up with and what are the outcomes?

I would like to highlight the work of 2 teams, that worked on robo-advised tradings “tweaks” (actually more like completely new way of thinking :blush: ). As you probably know from our…

We are software company focusing on fintech, media and telco domain.

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