“ Return to Painting”

3 min readJun 19, 2023


“Return to Painting” is the title of the project, but it’s also a journey that takes me back to my artistic experimentation in the previous 20 years. Each artwork, like the one presented here, is a unique piece and represents the genesis of a lengthy process. Every individual artwork requires 20 to 30 days to complete. The extended process aims to celebrate the possibility of recreating something that, at first glance, may appear to be a generative artwork but is actually entirely handmade. Initially, I sketched a drawing on paper using charcoal and pencil. The drawing was then transferred to Photoshop, where it was destroyed, reworked, and shaped with graphic effects and textures. The artwork features the presence of abstract, amorphous shapes that intersect with the three-dimensional structure and can resemble icons or elements found on a computer desktop.

It all starts with a drawing on paper made with charcoal and pencil.

2. Second phase> Destruction of the physical work! Reprocess the image to Photoshop, reworked and reconstructed in all its parts

“Undefined Code” 2023- 21 days

3. The project I will pursue with this first work, and in a second phase with 1/1 artworks, is very ambitious The complete work has the appearance of being a generative art piece, but in line with my artistic process,I challenge algorithms by reconstructing everything by hand. sometimes taking 20 to 30 days for each individual artwork. That’s why even the upcoming artworks will be limited to a maximum of 12 in a whole year, 1/1 and minted (on-chain). In the image, you can see a pictorial example created by me in 2012.

2012, Personal Exhibition

A text by Michael Kutsche:

I’ve been following Marco’s wonderful work for some time now, and his new piece “Undefined Code” is another beautiful example of how he constantly challenges himself and pushes the evolution of his approach. With his artistic practice now spanning a timeframe of more than 20 years, he skillfully blends traditional and digital techniques and injects his signature conceptual wit, showing his deep understanding of both art history and the crypto art realm. I love how he surprises us by returning to his previous practice of abstraction, and by using traditional and digital handmade techniques to create work that can be seen as an homage to the steep rise of generative art, but also as a love letter to the practice of painting.