What If a Person Receives a Traffic Ticket In North Carolina?

The amount due will be displayed on the traffic ticket. Apart from the fine, the person may also receive other penalties that are subject to court costs. The person can further contact the North Carolina county court if he has any doubts to be cleared.

The traffic ticket is received when a person is found violating the traffic rules in the state of North Carolina. When a traffic ticket is received, the person can either pay the fine or fight for the ticket when he/she feels that he/she was not at fault. Depending upon the kind of traffic violation, the fine will be decided and if the person is up to fighting for the ticket, it may lead to long court procedures.

The fines and penalties for the whole state of North Carolina are same and they do not differ from county to county. Depending on the violation, the North Carolina Division of Moto Vehicle shall:

  • Add some point to the driving record
  • Suspend the driving license
  • The license is also suspended when there are too many points on the driving record

As stated above, the traffic ticket will have the information on the amount to be paid and if the ticket is waiverable, the person will not need to go to the court for any proceedings. The fine can be paid online with a credit card or in person by visiting the county clerk’s office or the magistrate’s office.

The police shall update the police records of North Carolina when a person is convicted of a traffic crime.