OZEX, 3rd round ICO Delay and Listing Notice

Hello, this is OZEX.

First of all, we would like to thank those who have participated in the 1st and 2nd ICO.

OZEX has concluded negotiations with the ‘Ruby-x’ exchange (ruby-x.io), which many people have already known due to advertisements.

As planned, the listing on Ruby-x was promised at the end of August.

However, in preparation of the third round of the ICO, which is the last round of ICO.

A major global exchange has approached us, and we have been negotiating with them. The global exchange wishes OZEX to be listed only with them. Thus, the listing date with Ruby exchange has been delayed.

As a result, we decided to delay our third ICO round, as once negotiations with a major exchange will officially announce then we will finalize ICO schedule before listing.

The date of the listing, the third ICO round schedule, and the token’s name and information to be airdropped on the 3rd round, will all be announced when the fixed schedule is clearly decided.

We are expecting that the ICO date and listing date to be planned in the middle or end of September.

KickCoin and Legalblock which is the 1st and 2nd rounds airdrop tokens for ICO participation will be distributed within 7days, once the ICO ends.

I sincerely apologize for the delay, and I come back with a new and satisfactory notice as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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