How to fill the Emptiness of the Separation of Child and Parent

It is very difficult for a child as well as for mother to leave the child alone. The heart of the parent has to be very strong. Sometimes it even happens that when the mother leaves her child in the child care centre she herself finds her crying all the way to her work. We have to find out the reason why there is a lot of stress which has to be reduced so that it can prove appropriate for both mother and child.

The fear can be of abandoned. Sometimes the care centres are also unable to provide the child with all the needs that is liked by him. They sometimes don’t like the food as well or he cries a lot then there can be the reason of child abuse and you have to deal with him in a softer way than before. But normally many children takes lot of time to adjust in a new place so for the first few days ,he will feel uncomfortable when you will leave him and go and you yourself will feel bad about it, but after few days he will realise that you will drop him and will definitely come to pick him. There are few children as well which don’t cry for the first few days but afterwards they feel the same too. This is the natural reaction of change.

There are few steps that should be followed by the parent. You should yourself take your child to the child care centre and let him be free over there with all the other children. Let him be more comfortable with caretaker because he should afterward not feel like as he is with a stranger. This is the most important thing that parents must do. It is very important that the child should adjust with the environment. It will be beneficial for you as well as for the child and the care centre. Child Care Centre in Box Hill provides all the things that is needed by a child and keeps the child happy with it.

You should also keep in mind that the child is dependent on you, so you should decide your time to drop him as well as picking him up from the care centre. This will help the child to communicate with the children as well as with the caretaker and will also involve himself in the activities. These care centres takes care of your child but cannot give the love which he will receive from his parents. But in centres he will be able to interact with the children, learn to play different games etc. So these care centres are also helping you as well as your child to grow.

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