Is Modern Technology Causing Social Isolation?

Titty William
Feb 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Few years back, we used to found crowded people in the parks, restaurants and in any other social gathering places. But now these places are filled with silence and people are fixed their eyes on a colorful screen without bothering about the real world.

In the era of social networking, many people are living in the unrealistic world. Majority of rising generation is more dependent on social media and most of them don’t know how expand the minds without the use of technology. Moreover, in many recent surveys it has proved that 90% of the youngsters are more addicted to social media and lacks in human communication. Nowadays, social media and modern technology are not just a social activity, it has become a part of life and problems surrounding it are making their way into the society.

Here we shall discuss how technology causing social isolation.

Lack of Human Communication

Even though verbal communication is essential for human communication, but nonverbal communication reveals even more about a person’s emotions. People are more engaged on instant messaging services than communicating with the person sitting beside. Children are more addicted upon electronic gadgets than interacting with the people and they are living in the illusion of intimacy.

Increased Risk for Obesity

Extreme use of technology and social media is leading a way for increased risk for obesity. Spending more time with electronic gadgets promotes laziness and encourages to live in a sedentary lifestyle. Surprisingly, the centre of Disease & prevention has reported that more than 50% percent of youngsters and 12% of children ages 6–17 are considered has obese and they are close to becoming overweight.

Lack of Intimacy and Self Esteemed

Most of the parents are losing bonding with their kids. For example, most of the people take office work to their home instead of spending valuable time with their kids and family. This may contribute to reduce the intimacy of relationships by interrupting and stealing valuable time.

Same way in the other end, the interpersonal communications that comes through social networking sites may results in arguments, opinions, negative reviews because communication is not face to face. Rather than living in the illusion of excitements and adventurous life entirely recorded on camera.

We need to live in the technologically advanced society but it should not interrupt in the real life. So it is better to utilize the benefits of modern technology instead of addicting for it. Even though technology has made everything for us, as a human being we should nurture within our families and children should learn the value of personal relationships for their future endeavors.

Titty William

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Titty William , Working for Pioneer Lists , Have Experience in writing Articles for Marketing Purposes.

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