Thailand and Pattaya are superior

Everybody can afford daily luxury
A truly affordable prices and hereby the quality of life in Thailand — and in Pattaya in particular — is a class of its own if you compare for example Spain. With a little money you can buy many luxuries services in a daily basis such as laundry, cleaning and massage services, as well as eat out in nice restaurants every day.

Many retirees who spend winter in Pattaya have told they cannot afford to live in Europe during the winters. There is significant majority of Thai residents in Pattaya which ensures that the price level is by far the cheapest compared to any other major tourist destinations in Thailand — for example about 30% discount in daily spend compared to Phuket.

Health Services
Health services are much better than in Europe. With travel Insurance you can reach immediate treatment in many high-class hospitals, such as Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. In practice for instance surgeries are available immediately without having to wait for months. Pharmacies can be found in almost every corner.

Medicine cost is only fraction compared to European prices. The prescription for the medicine is easy to obtain from the various clinics around the town.

Land of million smiles
There is a reason why Thailand is called the land of million smiles. Thai friendliness and service attitude is very different from European countries. That’s why it is so easy to fail in love with Thailand. Here you find something new every day.

The climate in Thailand is ideal for those who enjoy the warmth of the tropics. The temperature stays around 32 degrees around the year (+ / — 5 degrees) — even in nights. The coolest and driest months are from November to April, just when the tourist spend their time here. May is usually the hottest month and the rainy season is during September-October.

However talking about the rainy season in Pattaya is very misleading. The rain here usually last only an hour or two during the late hours giving the nice fresh touch to the air. Continuous rainfall is very rare. To sum up here you can fully enjoy your stay also during the rainy season.

Pattaya — the most versatile destination in Thailand
Pattaya has renewed its faces completely from its initial reputation as sex tourism destination. Red light districts can still be found here as well as from all big cities but it is strictly centralized to its own areas. Phuket which once enjoyed the reputation of a luxury travel destination is already considered much worse in terms of sex industry in the eyes of many tourists.