Fortimas Liquid — An effective fat mobilizer and liver function booster

In current poultry farming scenario, where all emphasis is on increasing feed efficiency, keeping the bird’s liver healthy is very crucial as it plays an important role in digestion, metabolism and utilization of feed. Apart from these, liver is also involved in number of other activities including detoxification and regulating energy balances. Thus, the condition of the liver is directly related with health and productivity of the birds.

Under present managemental conditions, liver is subjected to constant stress because of infections and various other factors like increased medication, burden of added supplementation, presence of pesticides and chemicals in feed & water, etc. Besides all these, one of the biggest threats to Liver is from mycotoxins and fatty liver is a common outcome of mycotoxicosis.


Fortimas has been formulated based on the fact that though the role of choline chloride is well known in fat mobilization, mycotoxin detoxification & liver protection yet, its use in problem intervention is under emphasized. Fortimas liquid attempts to address this gap by providing excellent quality choline chloride in right ratio and is fortified with strong biological antioxidant enzyme complex known for its role in reduction of oxidative stress.

Fortimas® Liquid trial in commercial Layers for controlling fatty liver

The efficacy study of Fortimas liquid was carried out on commercial layers of 52 weeks of age which were showing severe symptoms of fatty liver. Studies were conducted to find out the effect of Fortimas in improving egg production andameliorating gross & histopathological lesions of liver. Detailedblood biochemical profiling was carried out to determine the effect of Fortimas in the birds.

Initially, 1 month before the trial, egg production was 86.3% which fell to 72.53 during occurrence of fatty liver (i.e. decline of 14%). The decline was improved by 10% i.e. the production reached at 82.16% after treatment with Fortimas for 10 days. Simultaneously, the mortality for 10 days before treatment was 3.31% was reduced to 1.22%(cumulative for 30 days) after the treatment with Fortimas.

High triglycerides level in blood is characterized as accumulation of fatty acid in blood which signifies metabolic disorder in poultry birds. It was reduced to 826.02mg/dl from 1182mg/dl with usage of Fortimas liquid. It also decreased liver fat content from 37.83% to 15.78%after treatment with Fortimas for10 days. Post-mortem analysis on 10th day of Fortimas treatment showed that the liver regained its normal architecture and texture (fig.1).

Fig 1 — Postmortem analysis — Gross Lesion at Days 0 and 10 of treatment with Fortimas

Further, there was marked reduction in swelling of cells, decreased accumulation of fat globules in the hepatocytes and necrosis of hepatocytes was significantly reduced by 10th day (fig 2) as shown in histopathological studies. We can successfully conclude that Fortimas is effective in treating fatty liver condition/FLHS, restoring egg production and reducing mortality in affected birds.

Fig 2 — Histopathological study — Improvement in hepatocytes (liver cells) with treatment by Fortimas at Days 0, 5 and 10

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