Road Trip Safety Tips

To many American teens, the road trip is the ultimate right of passage. Hitting the road with your friends, driving down blacktop highways, looking for oddities along the way, seeing places you’ve never been before and experiencing your own little version of the American dream as you go.

Staying safe is easy if you keep both eyes open. If you’re thinking about taking to the road, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Driving can be dangerous. Over 30,000 Americans die every year in automotive accidents. Most of these fatalities could have been prevented by conscientious driving and wearing seat belts. Your first duty on the road is the safety of yourselves and those around you. Always pay attention to the road. When in doubt, err on the side of being too cautious.
  • If riding a motorcycle, be sure to be aware of the helmet laws, or better yet, always wear one.
  • If involved in a car accident, contact emergency services and obtain the other party’s information and a police report. If injured, focus on your own well being and recovery for the moment.

Texting While Driving

No matter where you are driving, texting and driving is never a good idea. Across the United States, several jurisdictions have placed a ban on sending text messages while driving. With statistics showing that drivers who text are twice as likely to cause accidents than drivers who are drunk, it is no surprise that highway police around the nation are cracking down on texting and driving. Unfortunately, some people continue to engage in this dangerous behavior.

Texting is more dangerous than talking on a cell phone because it requires the driver to look away from the road and focus on a small screen to read and send messages. Several studies have shown that drivers who text have severely delayed reaction times, making accidents eight times more likely for drivers who text than for those who are completely attentive.