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The “Vaccine” of the Happy, HEALTHY Human Immune System

Andrew Ferrera
Mar 27 · 15 min read

Hands down, the BEST vaccine manufacturer in the world (especially when no vaccine exists 😉), is a fully functioning, healthy immune system. It is a literal biological alchemist, capable of creating any “vaccine” necessary, to fend off any pathogen that could otherwise, potentially end our life. I wrote this article to share the things many of us may have forgotten (or never learned) about how to boost our immune system, so it will Always be there for us, to protect us, when we need it most 😁!

I also put this information together, because I love you All, and wanted to give us Real hope to get through this tremendously challenging time. I see what could happen if Humanity continues down the chronic fear inducing path, that the 24/7/365 news reporting of this covid-19 pandemic, on TV and social media, has created. I am well aware of the momentum of the human mind, when it has something to focus on … to “chew” on.

This chronic state of fear (stress), which is regularly inducing the (high resting heart rate) fight or flight response, is wreaking havoc on our immune systems, leaving us much less capable of fending off all current and future pathogens and influenza viruses, not just this new “novel” coronavirus, Covid-19.

Here’s a quote I found, that perfectly sums up why we need to be concerned more about the fear created by the virus, than the virus itself … and begin turning that tide.

A little thing on fear that we could all do to remember. Fear is meant to protect from a physical danger. It is left over from our past when life was physically dangerous. All the energy goes to our hands and feet to help us get away from the charging lion. This leaves no energy going to chest, it shuts down the immune system and makes it really difficult to think rationally; if at all, as we have seen with the toilet paper obsession. So being in fear might be good when chased by a few muggers but not when facing a virus.
For a virus we need be calm, aware observe and act.
Ironically the last thing we should do when being charged by a lion is, through fear; react and run. To be master of the bush one needs to stay courageous, calm, and take appropriate action. So friends as you prepare for isolation please stay calm, it keeps the immune system strong.
-Kent Steenekamp

This first video is current, lifesaving info, about how our immune system works 😃! (( 💖 ))

How to Empower Our Immune System

This is a growing list of ways to keep our immune system STRONG … enough to fight off Covid-19 or any virus or pathogen that threatens our well-being:

#1 Immediate Stress Reduction

Doing deep (nasal) breathing exercises, as often as needed, quickly reduces anxiety and stress, by inducing the immune system boosting power of The Relaxation Response. Depending on how stressed we are to begin, stress reduction can be achieved, oftentimes within minutes, by doing a paced breathing exercise like the ones at the bottom of this article. I recommend doing whatever pace is most comfortable for you. All operating systems have apps for this. The one I prefer, because of it’s simplicity and flexibility, is Paced Breathing for Android.

Here is the best video I’ve found, to date, specifically relating the science and benefits of deep breathing to helping people heal from corona-virus, from a man named Patrick McKeown, who’s been helping people recover from respiratory illness for nearly 20 years. He talks about how deep belly breathing (specifically through the nose) can help anyone heal from respiratory illness, including the primary, potentially fatal symptom (requiring a ventilator) of the newest strain of coronavirus flu, Covid-19. He also demonstrates a few breathing exercises we can all start doing today.

Here’s a breathing exercise we can all do, now, to reset our immune system … also related to coronavirus healing, from another thought leader in this space, named Wim Hof. Known as the Ice Man, he uses cold therapy and deep breathing exercises to boost our immune system, reduce stress, and keep us healthy and well.

*** Smoking Cessation
It should go without saying, but I’ll say it here for those that need to hear it. With the understanding of how critical oxygen and proper respiration is to immune function, it is even more important to stop smoking to help our immune system recover to normal function. On a related note, I hope to see more studies being done in the future, to see if vaping has the same detrimental effect as smoking cigarettes, on the lungs ability to uptake oxygen. SpO2 is a measure of the oxygen percentage in the blood and varies from 95–100% in a healthy adult. The device is called a pulse oximeter.

#2 Relaxation and Happiness

Doing more, stress relieving “feel good” activities that make us Happy 😃 is a great way to trigger the relaxation response, which allows our immune system (now void of the stress that inhibits it) to pick back up it’s sword and shield to get back in the fight of keeping pathogens from proliferating and overrunning our body. Essentially, if you get colds often, it is an indicator that your immune system is struggling and could desperately use a little relaxation to keep it strong … byproduct being more contentment and happiness, and who doesn’t want that 😃.

#3 Chronic Stress Reducing Life Changes

Getting help, from a therapist or life coach, if needed, identifying, and removing (or at least reducing) the stress(ors) in our life is one of the most critically important, self-loving things we can do for our immune system and our well-being.

If the answer to the question, “What is the biggest source of stress in my life?”, is your job, your significant other, your parent(s), your boss, your finances, the city you live in, etc. … now might be a great time to re-assess those areas of your life, and ask yourself How, you could (at least) Start the process of reducing those stressors in your life, to give your body a break or reprieve, from that daily dose of stress response that’s so damaging to your immune system.

If we think of our immune system as our inner child, and protect it as best we can from the stress of our world and give it all the love and things it needs to be happy and well, it Will return that love, in the form of protection from dis-ease, essentially keeping us Alive and able to continue to enjoy this wonder full miracle we call LIFE 😃!

#4 Forgiveness

Forgiving others and ourselves for anything that causes us to stay in anger, resentment, hate, disappointment, etc. is another essential way to reduce the stress response and induce the relaxation response … to flip That switch. It has been said that forgiveness is like setting the caged bird free, and realizing, that You, were that caged bird.

Here is the website Forgiveness Healing of the most informed person I know, in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, who talks more in depth about the relationship between forgiveness and the immune system.

#5 Sufficient Sleep

There is a pretty broad agreement that getting at least 7–8 hours of sleep daily is a sufficient time for the body and immune system to replenish itself.

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress.

#6 Exercise

There is also a broad agreement that Exercising for at least 20–30 min a day is good for our overall health. Among other things, it increases “feel good” endorphins, increases blood circulation to more extents of the body and simultaneously activates our lymphatic system to remove waste and toxins from the body. T-cell production goes up and and a host of other beneficial things happen when we get our heart rate up for a good cardiovascular exercise.

Here’s a good article I found that describes the balance between enough and too much exercise, and how too much exercise can have a negative effect on our immune system.

Here’s a great video from Khan Academy describing how the lymphatic system works and how it’s essential to proper immune system function. Why making sure to get your daily “dose” of exercise, stretching, yoga, pilates, dance, or anything that gets our body physically moving, is so important to and flushing out of toxins and keeping our immune system strong.

#7 Laughter

To my knowledge it’s impossible to get too much laughter 🤣. Here’s an article of a running list of videos and memes to make us laugh, but if you’re on any social media platform, here’s hoping you have friends that share these every day. Try to shy away from things that are a reminder of the pandemic. Essentially find, watch, and share anything that was created before it.

#8 Improving Our Diet

Eating a good balance of fruits and vegetables is broadly accepted as a great way to boost our immune system.

Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale and dark/red berries, like cherries, blueberries and blackberries, for instance, are all antioxidant rich, nutrient dense things we can eat that help boost and moderate the response of the immune system, to stay smart and balanced, preventing chronic inflammation, which is the result of an over (failed) response.

Here’s a link to an article about the benefits of a plant-based diet and specific foods we can eat to boost our immune system.

#9 Key Vitamins and Minerals

We need to make sure to get our recommended daily values of vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin E, and calcium, preferably through foods rich in them that you could incorporate into your meals, as they are all essential for the function of our immune system.

Among other things, vitamin E and calcium work as immune response modulators to balance the response to a threat, like a virus, and prevent chronic inflammation, which can cause a host of other problems in the body … in some cases, death. A good, relevant, example would be the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) seen in covid-19 patients, where there is so much inflammation in the lungs (from a failing immune response), it becomes nearly impossible for the lungs to uptake sufficient amounts of oxygen for the organs in the body to continue to function.

Getting enough natural Vitamin D (preferably naturally, from the sun) to help our body uptake calcium, which is essential for immune T-cell (pathogen killer cell) activation. Do a daily 5–30 min noontime activity on sunny days in tshirt and shorts, without a hat (think face, arms, and legs), for a minimum of 2 days a week, weather permitting. It’s important to note that whether getting vitamin D from the sun, food, or a supplement, magnesium is essential to the body’s ability to uptake and use vitamin D.

Here, Dr. Dai and team found that individuals with high levels of magnesium intake, whether from dietary sources or taking supplements, were less likely to have low levels of vitamin D. … Magnesium deficiency shuts down the vitamin D synthesis and metabolism pathway.

Here’s a very good video, breaking down the interdependence of magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc for our immune system to operate efficiently.

#10 Intermittent Fasting

I could not write an article about the immune system, without mentioning intermittent fasting and it’s ability, as with the Wim Hof Method in #1, to reset our immune system and regenerate more and new immune cells, especially after we break a fast by switching back from using the fat stores in our body for energy, to food. It is also a great tool to shrink tumors and heal from cancer, especially after chemo/radiation therapy. Which should tell us something ;-).

In this video, Dr. Berg explains, more in depth, on the beneficial effect of fasting and sugar cessation on our immune system.

#11 Removing, or at least reducing, Sugar from your diet.

If you just watched the previous video under Intermittent Fasting, you will know how important it is to remove, or at least limit, your intake of sugar, especially the sugar found in sweets and carbs, as they have little to no good nutrients for the body, vs say, a banana, which is full of sugar (approx. 50% glucose) but also full of other healthy nutrients … fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients. If we’re going to have “sweets” … better to have it in the form of a, nutrient rich fruit we like.

“… the suppression of the immune system starts as soon as 30 minutes after the consumption of sugar and can last up to five hours.”

#12 Be In Nature.

Get out and sit (walk, run, bike, meditate, etc.) in Nature 🌲🍁🌳🌈😃!

#13 Stop or Reduce Intake of “News”.

I know this may be hard to conceive of, or do, especially during a pandemic, where we think we might miss something important, but the reality is that much of the stories on the news are stress / anxiety / fear inducing, especially since, at least currently, there is very little break or reprieve from news about the pandemic. This chronic triggering of our “fight-or-flight” stress response, has a direct, negative effect on our immune system … especially when we allow ourselves to watch it, for hours at a time.

I invite us all to turn off the TV (at least the news) and consider unfriending, or at least hiding the feeds on social media (at least temporarily), of anyone inducing more stress or fear in you. If it’s really important news for you to know, your caring friends or family will tell you about it anyway.

#14 Be Social.

Talk … on your phone. Use your smartphone for what it was originally designed for, Conversation with those you love, who make you feel good … to stay connected and sane. Unless it’s with that uncle or friend that calls and/or comes over nearly every day, complaining about life and telling you about all the negative (fear inducing) things happening in the world (from the news) … then maybe you might want to find a way to limit exposure to that person(s). Perhaps now is the time to finally have that difficult, important conversation. Good thing is, now you can blame it on your immune system ;-).

#15 Gratitude

Immediately after walking up, think of all the experiences and people you are Grateful for. Refrain from immediately checking your phone to see what you’ve “missed”.

#16 Relaxing Music

Play some relaxing, or “Feel Good” music. You know what song or album reminds you of a wonder full time in your life or that music that gets you moving, that gets you dancing or singing in the shower. That 😁 music!

#17 Happy Mirror Neurons

Get your Happy 😁 Mirror Neurons firing. At this time we can all at least watch, others give/receive hugs. Their smiles make us smile, their hug, triggers the mirror neurons and the hormone oxytocin, that make us feel like we just got a hug. Here’s a youtube playlist of videos from all around the world that I had already put together, from the years I have been offering FREE HUGS.

*** Caveat … considering the time we are in with this pandemic and social distancing, I do not recommend getting out and offering FREE HUGS until authorities have given us the ok to go back to normal … not so much because I believe that it would make us more likely to contract viruses (in fact, I wrote a whole article with references about how oxytocin from hugging boosts our immune system), but more because the current state of mind of the general public might attract people to you that could physically harm you, to keep you from being a hug option for people and potentially spreading the virus. So it’s for your own safety And to keep us from contracting and spreading the virus to people who are doing very few of the things on this list, to keep their immune system Strong.

#18 Cultivate Self-love

Like any skill, self-love can and will get easier and more effortless with time and practice. This could be as simple as, smiling 😃, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, taking even just a few deep breaths, to reduce stress whenever you feel anxious, or going back to this list and incorporating as many things as you reasonable can into your daily routine, to stay Happy 😉 and well.

Here’s a nourishing bit of wisdom I borrowed from a good friend. One I’m happy to “pay” forward, to you 😃 …

Before making any choice or decision I ask myself, “What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?” If I don’t see a connection, I don’t do it.

#19 Mindfulness Meditation

Especially now, intentional/mindful meditation on Love 💖 … going beyond ourselves, to our loved ones and beyond is incredibly helpful to our immune system, as it induces the relaxation response in your own body and, if you believe in the possibility, the bodies and minds of the people you can imagine or hold in your conscious awareness …

#20 Watching Relaxing Videos of Nature

Watch calming, relaxing videos of nature, in 4k. I highly recommend aerial videos, like most of what Nature Relaxation Films produces for FREE on Youtube …

Immune system empowering list (to be continued) … send any immune system boosting suggestions to the “Message in a Bottle” contact form at More helpful videos, voices of reason and an immediate stress relieving, deep breathing technique, below.

Essentially, if the health and longevity of the Human body was like a automobile engine, happiness would be oil, fear would be sand. We beat this pandemic, together, by us all “filing up” with happiness, as much as we can, every day.

The difference between good stress and immune system suppressing, chronic stress …

Among many other ways we’ve been misled, like how we were made to believe we need to Buy water … this is an excerpt from a longer video on how we’ve been misled to believe we need drugs to stay healthy.

Immune System 202 to make our immune system, essentially bulletproof.

Voices of Reason

Eckhart Tolle and the profoundly simple wisdom he continues to bring to the table, is perhaps THE voice of reason we all need right now (it seems more and more with every passing day). His message is an antidote to this virus … a path to healing the immune suppressing fear, this pandemic has created.

Perhaps THE biggest voice of reason in the field of mind-body medicine, talking about what we can all do to reduce fear and stress, throughout our lives, to empower our immune system, not just to get ourselves and our loved ones through this pandemic, safely. He wrote the highest rated book I’ve ever seen on Amazon, in Any field, called The Genie in Our Genes and has a newer book equally nourishing, called Mind To Matter 😁!

A little long, but worth every minute. This is the most revealing, and at the same time, most Nourishing and Hopeful video I have ever seen on Youtube!! … especially because it is completely relevant to this time in Human history, to help us understand the powers that be, on both sides of this pandemic to help us decide which side we want the lean into.

The most loving, compassionate and deeply grounded voice of reason we have (and need) right now.

With these tools I sincerely hope Humanity can use this pandemic as a chance to collectively RISE (to “UPgrade”) to a more nourishing and loving operating system, for all people and all life on this planet, moving forward =)!

If you’d like to go deeper into the science behind the stress relief and healing, that deep breathing offers us, I wrote another article about that, called The Genie in Our Calm. In the meantime, feel free to try out this breathing exercise for near immediate stress relief and deep relaxation. It’s the best I could find on Youtube. Happy Immune Boosting! I love you all. Stay Happy. Stay well.
(( 💖 ))

This is a video I recently created showing the paced breathing app and settings, with an overlay of the biofeedback from my Garmin Vivoactive 4S while doing a breathing exercise. I would recommend maximizing this window, but if you still can’t read it, the top number on the watch is respiratory rate (breaths per minute), the middle number is stress (Garmin’s algorythm), and the bottom number is my heart rate. On the app, the only one that is not self explanitory is the BPM (breaths per minute) number. The app has one decimal and the watch does not. It takes a few minutes for the watch to acclimate to the biofeedback of my slower respiratory rate. If you slide through the video, you will notice the stress level generally stabilizes at about 50% or more, less than it was when I started, and my resting heart rate has come down. Let that land. This is biofeedback evidence of deep breathing actually reducing stress. I feel really good after these (10 min or so) paced breathing exercises. It’s like a natural high … almost like the feeling you get after a good cardio exercise and quite similar in what it does for our immune system and reduction of stress.

The following video, that I mentioned earlier in this article, is a modification of what Patrick McKeown was taking about, with humming on the out breath to activate more nasal nitric oxide to help uptake more of the oxygen we breathe into our body. He talks about that added benefit of humming (at around 18 minutes into the video). Here’s a quick jump to that part, if you missed it.

Andrew Ferrera

Written by

Hi. I am. I am that which comes before I am this, or I am that. I am a mirror of nourishing things that resonate with the vibration of Love and Happiness.

Andrew Ferrera

Written by

Hi. I am. I am that which comes before I am this, or I am that. I am a mirror of nourishing things that resonate with the vibration of Love and Happiness.

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