Viewfin Attends LendIt Fintech Conference

The LendIt·China Fintech conference kicked off in Shanghai on the 15th of July 2017. This is the second LendIt Fintech conference in China. Viewfin CEO Eric Gu and his team were invited to attend the event in order to give a review and outlook on the development of Chinese fintech to more than 2,000 local and international industry experts and leaders.

More than 200 guests from fintech enterprises, regulatory agencies and academic institutions from all over the world attended the Conference. The attendees shared their insights and opinions about the fintech industry through speeches, round table sessions and symposiums. A range of topics were discussed including blockchain, artificial intelligence, insurtech, cyber security, e-banking, consumption fintech, supply chain finance and industry supervision.

Eric is delivering the speech

Mr. Gu presented a speech titled “Avatar (Digital Identities) — Killer Application for Blockchain” which gained an enthusiastic response.

During the event Mr. Gu was interviewed by Ms Xi Huang of International Financial News as well as columnist Sara Hsu from Forbes. Moreover, Mr. Gu spoke with Alex Tapscott, the author of Blockchain Revolution.

ViewFin CEO Eric Gu pictured with Ms. Xi Huang of International Financial News
ViewFin CEO Eric Gu pictured with columnist Sara Hsu of Forbes
Viewfin CEO Eric Gu pictured with Alex Tapscott, the author of Blockchain Revolution

Viewfin received a large amount of attention throughout the conference and the team spoke with various technicians, enterprise representatives and investors from traditional and emerging blockchain sectors.

The year of 2017 is being regarded as the “fintech’s breakout year” in China as well as a year of change for the global fintech field. From the rise of China’s fintech, the transformation of the business model, reform in terms of global regulations, the opening up of traditional financial services to fintech and the combination of front-end to back-end fintech China is becoming one of the key players within the industry.

Eric also mentioned:

As the founder of China’s first public blockchain Metaverse, Viewfin will respond to the call of the era by continuously developing its technology. Moreover, Viewfin will begin expansion and research in relation to building Metaverse ecosystem of value circulation.
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