A women’s view: Sometimes all a woman wants is to feel beautiful.

What is the one thing that women really want to hear from their husbands or life partners? Is it the words that Eric Clapton so eloquently captured in his song, “You look beautiful tonight.”? A woman will feel absolutely beautiful when her partner tells her that she “looks beautiful” tonight! It is the essence of romance novels, and explains the fantasy that was so popular when James Blunt released the song, “You’re beautiful.

When a woman wants to feel beautiful she may go shopping for that perfect outfit and spend a lot of time checking in the mirror to see how she looks. Along with new clothes, shoes or accessories, hair may be restyled, or highlighted. A mani and pedi and brows may be on the list as well.

When a woman attends an important social occasion or family gathering and hears, “Wow, you look great!” It simply makes them feel happy. In our brains, science tells us there is actually a slight surge of certain brain neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which happy and confident people produce.

Whether right or wrong, the point is that for all women, we are constantly being measured by others or are busy measuring ourselves. We are being told we “look good” or “look tired”. And then “what’s wrong?” And we struggle between what is considered “being vain” and having a healthy self-image. We remain in a constant struggle to “look good” because we want that “feel good.”

Is it really about how we look or how we feel about how we look?

According to a paper published by Dr. Steve Dayan*, who also teaches a class on the Science of Beauty and Its Impact on Culture and Business at DePaul University in Chicago, he states “the better a person feels, the more likely they are to project a positive and attractive impression.”

Every woman that I know, has drawers that are filled with facial creams and makeup that sit unused but paid for…wasted. Undelivered promises. Unfulfilled expectations. Closets filled with clothes and shoes worn but once. But when the next important social occasion beckons, the cycle will repeat.

I believe that each woman is beautiful and since I have worked in the medical aesthetic industry I believe that it is my calling to help women feel as beautiful as they already are. Sometimes I just need to lessen something that only the “owner” sees. In almost 25 years I too have seen many products come and go. I compare myself to a gold miner who when shaking out that pan of dirt sees most of it come out the bottom and very few gold nuggets remain. However, the fact is that we have “gold nugget” products that have been on the market for 15 and 20 years, but consumers are either not aware of them or are afraid that asking for them will create the illusion of vanity. And no woman wants to be vain. But all want to look their “natural” best.

With an understanding of the science of aesthetic products combined with technical skill competency in using them, I can create that feeling of “beautiful” that will last more than one day or one evening. I can help people look their best with a look that will be “natural” and will last for months. Remember that one commercial, “Only her hairdresser will know for sure?” I’m the “face dresser.”

MK Maloney RN CANS

*Dayan, Steven M., MD. “What Is Beauty and Why Do We Care so Much about It?” Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery (2011): 66–67. Web.

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