— By Raghava KK, Co-Curator, 64/1¹

The last two years I have been working on a painting series called sublime machines. It was a series where I felt compelled to infuse human intent to algorithms and geometries, trying to evoke new types of transcendent experiences that are more relevant for our present time. For people like me, who seek a higher truth, but for who God or Science just doesn’t cut it.

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Sublime Machines VIII (2016), Acrylic on Canvas, 72 x 36 inches (left) and Sublime Machines X (2016), Acrylic on Canvas, 72 x 36 inches (right), Raghava KK

While I was working on these, my brother Karthik and I were having conversations about these paintings and also about an idea that moved us personally: the idea that we can be more than ourselves, or at least try to be, in other words, transcendence again. We were interested less is theories (religious or psychological) that explained transcendence but in the quality of the experience itself and the power it can have to alter one’s life path. We learnt that there were three key aspects of any transcendent experience: We borrowed from a religious theorist Rudolf Otto’s definition of the
numinous as mysterium tremendum et fascinans: an attractive yet awe-inspiring mystery. …

— By Karthik Kalyanaraman, Co-Curator, 64/1¹

A few headlines from earlier this month: “Artificial Intelligence as Good as Experts at Detecting Eye Problems” (Guardian, Aug 13), “AI Platform Screens for Acute Neurological Illness” (Science Daily, Aug 13).

In the space of a day, it seems two entire professions, optometry and diagnostic radiology, might be on the chopping block. McKinsey estimated in 2017 that today 51% of jobs in the US can be automated away²; in a personal conversation an ex high-level google employee suggested that the figure could be as high as 97%. So these are some of the horror stories around. …


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