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Experience a medieval strategy game designed entirely around blockchain!

It’s been over three months since BLOCKLORDS, the medieval grand strategy game developed by Arctic Seascape, launched on the TRON mainnet. Since that day, hundreds of heroes have been created, thousands of battles fought, and countless items and TRX have been dropped to the toughest players.

Now, we are pleased to announce that BLOCKLORDS is ready to take its next step to the top of blockchain gaming by partnering up with TRON Arcade, the renowned game publishing branch of the TRON network. This partnership will cement cooperation in the fields of promotion, technical development, game improvements, and special events, creating a better game for our players and laying the foundation for the future of gaming on the TRON smart contract platform!

Play BLOCKLORDS now to get your own Gen-0 hero!


BLOCKLORDS takes players to a medieval time and lets them create a powerful hero. Each hero can be equipped with rare items that vary in power and stats. Heroes can then fight across the map to earn or trade new items, increase their EXP, and ultimately capture cities to earn TRX rewards and taxes from game sales!

To learn more about how to play BLOCKLORDS, you can consult this video tutorial series.

The core gameplay has worked flawlessly since the game’s launch in April, and the team is now hard at work improving the game by adding countless new features. NFT heroes, tactical battles, troop upgrades, battle buff cards, Item crafting, unique titles, resource airdrops, and a nation guild system are all in the works, ensuring that BLOCKLORDS will continue growing with TRON and the blockchain gaming industry!

A sneak peek at the planned BLOCKLORDS gameplay improvements.

TRON Arcade

TRON Arcade is dedicated to bringing power back to the players by funding and publishing high-quality games in the blockchain space. Since November 2018, TRON Arcade has published titles like TronGoo, EpicDragons, Blockchain Cuties, Hypersnakes, etc. which have become some of the highest grossing decentralized applications across all blockchains.

According to DappRadar’s metrics from 2019, activity on TRON’s DAPPS significantly outpaced those on ETH and EOS, placing the TRON network as the top choice for both users and developers. Quality games from talented development teams have found their way to TRON for the platforms usability and TRON Arcade’s extensive support.

The Vision

Arctic Seascape & TRON are determined to push blockchain gaming towards a greater future, making gameplay deeper and fully designed around smart contracts. Blockchain gaming is a unique opportunity to put power back in the hands of gamers by letting each user control assets, transparent monetization, and in-game incentives such as airdrops and special events with cryptocurrency prizes for top players!

Arctic Seascape CEO, David Johansson says, “We wouldn’t have been able to launch BLOCKLORDS if it hadn’t been for TRON’s generous support during their accelerator program earlier this year, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be entering into a partnership with them now. It is still very early in the cycle of blockchain games, and the most dedicated teams have a real chance to set the standard for what the industry will evolve into. Developing BLOCKLORDS has taught us a lot about the benefits and limitations of smart contract games, and we are looking forward to pushing the limits and delivering more complex systems and gameplay features as the game keeps growing. We would also like to thank our early players whose support and feedback have helped us improve the game significantly!”

TRON Foundation CEO, Justin Sun commented, “Last year, TRON set out to support our community of developers with multiple programs like TRON Arcade and TRON Accelerator. I consider BLOCKLORDS to be a shining example of the passion and creativity we intended to make possible. The BLOCKLORDS team stood out every step of the way, and I’m excited to see how the game and community continues to grow!”

Special Events

To celebrate this special partnership with TRON Arcade, the BLOCKLORDS team has put together a ton of great events for the coming month! First up will be the Stronghold Rush, where items will be dropped out from strongholds 4X faster than usual. This means one item will be dropped out to a stronghold owner every 10 minutes instead of every 40! The first rush will last one week and we will of course hold a special Stronghold Leaderboard event with over 10,000 TRX in prizes to the top players. Don’t miss it!

Items will be dropped out 4 times faster during this event!

This is only the first event, and it will be followed by many others, such as a coffer payout rush, where city holders will get dividends each hours, bandit leaderboards, and a special ‘Share your hero’ event on Twitter, all with great TRX prizes!

Limited Edition TRON Item Set

But that’s not all, in addition to holding special events, the BLOCKLORDS art director decided to immortalize this moment onto the blockchain by crafting a legendary set of items inspired by TRON.

This limited edition armor will only be available in the GEN-0 TRON version of BLOCKLORDS!

Ten copies of these legendary items will be minted onto the smart contract and added to the Gen-0 pool. A special day will be announced when only this armor will be dropped from strongholds. Don’t miss this chance to earn a unique set of legendary armor inspired by TRON!

End of Gen-0

Since the game’s launch, nearly 4,000 items have been dropped to players or burned from the smart contract. This means we are halfway through the Gen-0 item pool. With the upcoming stronghold rush events, we are sure to hit the end of Gen-0 by next month. If you want to experience BLOCKLORDS from the ground floor, this will be your last chance.

Early GEN items will increase in scarcity and utility with time.

About TRON & TRON Arcade

TRON is creating a boundary-free decentralized internet that inspires innovation across industries. TRON is dedicated to returning privacy and ownership to the people.

TRON Arcade is TRON’s blockchain game fund with 100 million USD to be invested over the next three years. The goal of the fund is to build the foundation for a robust blockchain game ecosystem by empowering developers to create new gaming experiences.

Arcade has lofty aspirations. We believe gaming can be the mainstream use case that catalyzes the mass adoption of blockchain technology as a whole.

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About Arctic Seascape

Arctic Seascape was created by a team of experienced game industry professionals who became obsessed with blockchain technology and wanted to develop games using smart contracts.

In 2018, they announced their first blockchain strategy game, BLOCKLORDS, and proceded to win two DAPP competitions from the NEO and TRON blockchains. BLOCKLORDS was launched on the TRON Mainnet in April 2019 and was launched on NEO in June 2019. Furter expansions are planned!

Arctic Seascape looks forward to forging its own path in the blockchain game industry by creating hardcore strategy games designed around smart contracts and in-game player earning incentives.


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An epic grand strategy game based on the NEO and TRON blockchains. Visit for more info!

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