TRON Mainnet Launch!

Apr 24 · 5 min read

After months of testing and refining, BLOCKLORDS finally soft launched on the TRON mainnet last week. Early fans jumped at the chance to be the first ones to create their very own medieval blockchain heroes and got right to work with conquering cities, earning item drops, and improving their items by slaying bandits across the map. BLOCKLORDS is off to a great start, and we have our early adopters to thank for it! Their feedback, help with solving bugs, and general cheerfulness has warmed our hearts and lets us know that we are on the right track with this project. We cannot thank the community enough!

Officially Launched!

Now that the game has been optimized and tested on the mainnet, as well as server and loading speeds having been improved across the world, we are ready to announce that the game is officially launched. Our mission now is to spread the idea of BLOCKLORDS to more gamers and introduce them to a new kind of strategy game, where players can find ways to earn cryptocurrencies if they use the right tactics and strike when the opportunity is right.

Generation 0 Items

So far, nearly 100 player heroes have been created in BLOCKLORDS. This may not sound like much, but it already puts us in the top 5 weekly and daily active users of all TRON games, and this is less than one week after launch. The first batch of items only includes enough for 1,000 heroes, so while there is still time to be part of the very first generation, we do not expect this to last forever! So far, out of the 10,080 Generation 0 items, 480 common items have been given to newly created heroes, and nearly 240 high quality items have been dropped or burned through strongholds . Gen 0 items will increase in scarcity over time since they will be required to forge new items in later generations. Amassing Gen 0 items now could very well prove to be a good strategy as the game gets more and more players!

Coffer Payout
Last Sunday, the timer counted down the 150,000th block since the game started and the very first coffer payout was granted to city lords across the map. A total of 6, 874.7 TRX was paid out! This was only 30% of the total coffer size, and the next payout is expected to be even bigger. The countdown has already begun! In order to get a coffer payout, players must own at least one city and control it by the time the block counter expires. This makes control of cities key to profiting in BLOCKLORDS.

In addition to letting players earn TRX from selling items, lord taxes, and city coffers, BLOCKLORDS holds several leaderboard ranking events multiple time per week. A total of 18,000 TRX has already been paid out from leaderboard ranking and this number is only going to continue to grow! There are currently 4 types of leaderboard events in rotations: Bandit Battles, Siege Battles, Item Trades, and Item Drops. Which event do you think you can become the champion of?

New Player Tutorials
We understand that playing BLOCKLORDS can be a challenging experience for new people, but we think it is an immensely rewarding one once players grasp all the mechanics and understand how to use them to their advantage. An in-game tutorial is planned for the future, but until then new players can check out our video tutorials here to get a grasp of the basics. A text version is also available here.


Blockchain games offer something new to players that is lacking in traditional games; a way for player to directly monetize the assets they acquire from the game world. In order to do that, the items need to have some form of value. When designing BLOCKLORDS, our team decided to add fees at most transaction steps to give them more meaning and make the in-game economy sustainable. All the fees listed below have a specific purpose, and many of these will be recycled directly into the game or used to make it even better! If you have question about fees, feel free to ask them in our community groups or contact support at

Referral Bonus

A game needs many players to thrive, and we hope our players will help spread the word. In order to reward them for doing so, we have enable a referral link system directly into our game. When a player shares his link, he will automatically receive 50% of the TRX hero creation fee directly into his wallet whenever a friend decides to join the game. With each referral being granting players 250 TRX, we hope this will motivate enthusiastic players to share the news about the game with others!

NEO Version and More!

This is only the beginning, and BLOCKLORDS has a lot planned for the coming months and years. Now that the TRON version is released, we will continue optimizing it, adding events, and improving gameplay. The game will continue to get bigger and better with each update! We have also begun work on the NEO version of the game, and should be able to release a test version in May. As BLOCKLORDS spreads through the blockchain ecosystem, we plan to play a key role in building the future of crypto gaming, and hope that our early players will stay with us on this revolutionary journey. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and can’t wait to see you on the battlefield!








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