How to increase the page load speed of your website pages and why this is extremely important right now?

The page load speed of your website is extremely important right now with mobile internet usage expected to take over completely by the next year. Your users have no tolerance towards slow websites. It has never been more important to fix your site speed. Put in simple terms, If you are not fast, you are not going to be seen. There is also a ranking system for search results on google based on your page speed.

If it takes more than 7 seconds it is considered very poor, If it is between 3–7 seconds it is average, If it is in the slab of 1–3 seconds then it is above average. The perfect score is 1 second. By the time you are done reading this article you will definitely be able to improve your page speed drastically.

Fix all broken links

If you want a sure way to get your user to leave your site then broken links is the way to go. In all seriousness they drain your precious bandwidth. A simple fix on all your broken links could give you an average page visit increase from 1.5 to 2.1 pages per visit. You will also notice a decrease in the bounce rate. You can use several tools available to identify your broken links like Google webmaster tools and Ahrefs.

Minimize round trip times (RTTs)

Round trip time is basically the time taken for the server to respond to the request sent by a client. It is impacted by the number of requests and many other factors. To reduce the number of requests you can use tools to call less images like CSS sprites. A sprite is one big image that contains a lot of images. You should minify and combine all your CSS and JS files. Lastly don’t call anything that you do not need. Reducing these unnecessary requests will reduce your RTTs.

Put CSS on top and JS at the bottom

The best practice is to put your CSS as close to the top of your webpage as you can. This is done as browsers will not render your page before rendering the CSS file. When Javascript is placed as close to the bottom as possible, it prevents any parsing from browsers during the page loading and completion time.

Content Delivery Network

If you host your media files on a CDN you can speed up your website tremendously. With a CDN you can reduce the number of requests your website makes by half and save upto 60% of your bandwidth ! Your files are hosted across a large network of servers across the world and because the the bandwidth is spread across multiple servers your website is protected from traffic spikes.

WP Engine

Almost all web hosts have a response time of 600ms — 1300ms. WP Engine has a tremendous response with making your website faster and also improving the security and workflow by having a response time of 293ms. This can have a tremendous impact on your sites and could make all the difference.

Combine all of what I have shared with you and I can guarantee a boost in your page load speed. With technology rapidly advancing it is best to stay on top with all the trends and use all the gifts of this internet world to our advantage. The faster your speed the higher is your value and internet ranking. Visit where you can learn more of the solutions we offer to the growth of your website.