How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality with TravelBlock

The smell of the sea breeze, the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore, the sight of an endless blue sky and a lingering taste of last night’s mojitos on your lips.

Every moment of the perfect vacation, from when you wake up until the minute you retire to bed should be a sensory delight that transports you to your own version of heaven on earth.

But how many times have you ended up on a vacation from hell and what would you give to avoid making those difficult choices that can often ruin a vacation?

Like choosing a hotel with a bedroom facing a parking lot or building site, with the only noises you hear being a 3am car alarm or the 7am commencement of drills and diggers.

Or when you had to endure a 20 minute drive to the beach in a free but crowded and uncomfortable mini-bus that smelled of exhaust fumes and the stench of alcohol from the stag party sitting behind you.

And that time, when you found a bargain holiday to the Caribbean in September and spent two weeks hiding from Hurricane Henry.

We all want to visit tropical paradises, stay in luxurious resorts and be treated like royalty, but too often our realities and our dreams clash.

For most of us are not instagram celebrities or bitcoin billionaires endlessly travelling the world. Instead, we are blue and white collar workers with wanderlust but also with limited budgets, time and options.

Up until now, that is.

Because now we all have the opportunity to make all of our vacation dreams a reality. We are now able to vacation, where we want and when we want while staying in some of the world’s finest resorts and hotels at incredible prices that you will not see advertised publicly anywhere else.

For some, this may sound too good to be true, but there is a genuinely easy way for every one of us to save 30–60% on the price of online vacations at the above hotels and even on cruises from the world’s biggest operators below.

These savings are not gained via some exclusive and expensive club with hidden costs and restricted availability, but from simply joining Travel Block, the blockchain travel company that is revolutionising the travel industry with its pioneering approach to delivering your every vacation need.

Imagine the convenience of booking your flights, accommodation, car hire and excursions all in one place, but being safe in the knowledge that the advertised prices were not being manipulated by tracking algorithms or inflated by industry monopolies, fake reviews and exorbitant commissions.

Imagine having heavily discounted stays at over 350,000 hotels and resorts around the world at your fingertips and imagine having that dream vacation not only this year, but every year.

Because Travel Block will not only arrange and discount your perfect vacation by 30–60%; they will also reward you and entice you to return for your next booking and to recommend Travel Block to others. With up to 35% of your spend reimbursed in Travel Tokens and up to 5% in referral commissions, you can enjoy your best ever vacations with Travel Block and be their most important ambassadors. goes live on 28th July with savings immediately available and you do not need any blockchain knowledge to benefit from the amazing deals that Travel Block has secured. Traditional currencies are accepted with a seamless processing of your bookings. However, you can benefit from discounted Travel Block Tokens (TRVL) and even a free 5* holiday by participating in the public sale of TRVL which ends on July 18th 2018

Every 5 Ethereum contributed will earn you not only TRVL tokens, but also a free seven night stay in a one to three bedroom suite in any one of Travel Block’s worldwide partner resorts.

So register with Travel Block and discover the vacation savings waiting for you.

Travel Block is the future of travel, today.

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