How Property Investors should focus on thriving rather than on just surviving…?

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4 min readApr 22, 2020
COVID-19 has affected global economies taking down businesses and putting epople out of jobs.

The global pandemic of Coronavirus, better known as nCovid19, has drastically changed the socio-economic scenario across several countries of the world and presently the UK is no exception to such a situation. This has brought in many woes and struggles for millions of people and businesses across the globe. Investors are facing hard challenges of not getting the right information on how to channelize their money in this doldrum like situation.

Only a few property consultants in the UK have realized the need for initiating web-based seminars, wherein they are going to host their live discussions on property management using FB live or Skype or Zoom video conferencing. The benefits of using webinars are that they allow multiple clients to sit at different corners of the world to get connected with a particular property investment consulting company; the investors have the liberty to clarify all of their doubts related to property investment at any given point of time during the session. Webinars save money and resources, besides keeping the seminar like feel intact.

Presently, the entire world is confronting a financial crunch and the UK has gone into an indefinite lockdown situation. However, the overall stance for the UK property market is not as dismal as one might think of. With every crisis comes an overwhelming opportunity. This is true for ‘buy to let’ property investors in the UK who have several positive points to consider in the present times of crisis. The interest rates have gone down, property prices are going very low and there are not many shared property business entities plying in the market with the lockdown situation holding everyone up.

The Government hasn’t stopped people from engaging in business-related transactions; hence, investors and sellers are legally allowed to engage in buying and selling activities with the help of technology (buy to let investment can be done from the comforts of their home which is why it is popularly known as an armchair investment!). The COVID-19 related challenges may exhibit some decent prospects for practical investors. Though the present scenario may not be ideal for buyers who wish to move into any new location; still this situation will lead to the rise in the number of properties to be sold by the owners due to the factors like unemployment and borrowing cost, which are expected to increase very soon. The investors are expected to get low-cost investment benefits as a result of this. Now would be the right time for an investor to get ample opportunity of browsing the different investment opportunities in the property market as offered by property investment consultants via online medium.

With the worldwide crisis situation due to COVID, there have been mixed trends in the property market.

Whether it’s a war, calamity or a pandemic like the present one, there are people who suffer greatly and then there are numerous opportunities that come by, along with the crisis situation.

Here are a few things happening that indicate immediate action in the property market:

1) All Multi let (HMOs) are getting affected adversely for obvious reasons; tenants are trying to move out of HMOs and rent single let properties; this is impacting Galaxy of Homes positively (last 2 properties we put on the market for rental, got us tenant applications in just 48 hours).

2) All landlords of HMO will be severely affected (if a tenant stops paying rent) as the landlord still needs to pay bills etc; whereas Galaxy of Homes does single lets, so the tenant has to pay all utilities.

3) Serviced accommodation investors are getting adversely affected big-time with no travelers doing the rounds. With zero means of travel involved in GOH’s mode of investment, there is an assured structure of ‘armchair investment’ for Galaxy investors.

4) Interest rates have gone down big time. This is having an extremely big positive impact on all new BTL investors.

5) Property prices are becoming cheaper (temporarily) i.e. due to panic, sellers are giving more discounts; which again has a very positive impact on Galaxy investors.

6) For ‘buy to let’ investors it is a time of big opportunities that should not be ignored by any means.

Opportunity knocks only a few times. The entire situation reflects the very simple yet profound saying by Albert Einstein — In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity!

A property consulting company named Galaxy of Homes in the UK has already initiated webinars (web-based online seminars) for prospective property buyers. The company is more than three years old, based in Peterborough. It was founded by Vikash and Madhurita Jayaswal. They have successfully organized property investment seminars across the UK and in India for the last four years. They have acquired nearly 500 properties and invested a whopping £40m in the UK in the last 4 years. As an expert property consultant organization, they help investors learn about long-term perspectives of property investment; on how to thrive and make the most of this current situation even after maintaining social distancing. To know more about their upcoming webinars, one can visit their website- & or call directly at 07912669225.

In these current times of crisis, let us all rise together, focusing on how to thrive and not just survive!



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