Introducing Fuze Card

BrilliantTS started out as a small team in Korea. Comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, our CEO and engineers are well-known for having developed the thinnest, sleekest, and best-performing optical trackpads for Blackberry mobile phones.

However, our unparalleled technical expertise has recently been funnelled into a new goal: revolutionizing the payment system.

It began as a project exclusive to the regional market, but quickly blossomed into a global undertaking. This is how Thinpl — the elegantly designed, all-in-one super smart card — came to be. After years of research, development, rigorous testing, and countless revisions to ensure the thinnest and highest functioning smart card possible, Thinpl has emerged as the must-have product in today’s world of excess payment cards, questionable security, and fattening wallets.

We decided that with all of its advancements and upgrades, Thinpl needed a newer and better name. The first step we took towards strengthening our relationship with our newfound community included sending out a survey to our VIP members. We’re excited to involve our supporters in the development process as much as possible, starting with a new product name.

Our loyal members have voted, the results are in, and we couldn’t be happier with their choice.

Introducing Fuze Card, formerly known as Thinpl.

Its powerful new name is a direct reflection of all of our core values, fusing together functionality, design, and security. We hope that you’re as excited as we are to bring Fuze Card to the wallets of thousands!


Jaehun Bae, CEO, & our entire team

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