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Oh man, you have to listen to this. I overheard this woman talking the other day and the story is so sweet. I was at the new coffee place, you know which one I mean. The one with the cinnamon dust and oh man, they just make the best coffee. Anyway. So, the line was quite long as always and she picked up the phone and called someone while waiting. Yeah, yeah, I also find that rude, but there you go. I was about to say something, but then I was quite happy I did not because the story is awesome. Here it is:

“Hi. John? … Yeah, so, I just came back from moms’. … Well, whether it is good or bad news kind of depends, right? … Ha, yeah. But no, it is definitely good news for mom. … Yeah, it’s a yes. She is on. … I was there when she got the letter. … Yes, from ‘United Space’. What? … Sure I am sure. It had the logo on and all. Don’t you ever stop being sarcastic? … Hahaha, no, it is all as they that in the briefing. Laid it all out. Mom is going to space. She has been selected for the ‘Silver Surfer’ programme? What? … Yeah, I know that name is a joke. I’d be hard stretched though to find a name for a programme that sends retired people into space as explorers. … Yeah, mom loves it. All about it. She is so excited; it was a joy to see. … No, I am not sure yet how I feel about it. I mean, she’ll be in space. We’ll never see her again. And if something happens she will be all alone there. But, I can already picture her somersaulting through the cabin. Or whatever you do in zero-gravity? … Hah, alone? There are twelve people on the programme. By the end of the first week, she will have started a reading club and a Tai Chi group, hahaha. … No no, the test results were all in there and they all looked really good. She is cleared for training and can start in about a month. Oh wait, it is nearly my turn. … Yeah, just grabbing a coffee on the way to work. Look, I have to go but I am sure she would be happy if you called her and she will tell you all about it. Might take a while though, when I left she called the whole bridge club to tell them the good news. … Yeah, that can take a while. Take care though and we catch up soon? … Thursday evening sounds good. Give me a call. Have to go. Bye. … Yeah, bye. Bye.”

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I make zines & stuff. Design. Research.Dementia & Mental Health, Craft & Activism

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