Cryotherapy in addition to physical therapy

Whole body cryotherapy has arisen much more lately, largely due to athletes and celebrities who swear by its benefits. This cold treatment is just now being explored by researchers and medical professionals, interested to know just how it works, and whether or not it produces the results that its proponents claim. Many are skeptical either because it is simply unknown, or perhaps for the nature of “fads,” with this being a recent one among the elite.

However you may view cryotherapy, it certainly has been studied in various aspects. Clinical studies have investigated the treatment for its affects on rheumatic diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Other conditions that have been investigated include “Tennis elbow,” sport haemolysis, osteoporosis, and even depression and anxiety (a full list of studies can be found here: ( In addition, it has been used common in athletes such as runners, basketball players, and wrestlers.

My previous articles discuss the process of whole body cryotherapy, who uses it, and who as a medical practice (chiropractors) can benefit. Significantly, another vital area of medicine that can enjoy the benefits of implementing cryotherapy is physical therapy. As an industry in high demand, with many patients and doctors working towards patient recovery, considering adding a cryotherapy chamber in one’s office can have significant results.

As I mentioned, whole body cryotherapy is useful in treating rheumatic diseases. This is due to the fact that, during a session, the patient’s body triggers an anti-inflammatory response, in which the molecules and endorphins released help to ease pain. In the same vein, a patient with a recently broken bone trying to strengthen themselves once again can use whole body cryotherapy to ease the pain and inflammation, so as to reduce the swelling they are experiencing.

Not only will the patient benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects- patients can also add this onto their visits to feel more at ease. Pain causes a lot of tension, and having a solution for it, in part, will make going to physical therapy a less daunting experience. Whole body cryotherapy feels good physically and mentally, with the release of endorphins.

Patients can expect a more enjoyable experience when seeing their physical therapist by trying whole body cryotherapy. Having a patient in less pain and more at ease will also make the process easier for the physical therapist themselves. If this isn’t enough for you to at least consider implementing this into your practice, consider the potential money to be made.

Whole body cryotherapy sessions can be charged at an extra cost, say, $30 per session. This is low enough that a patient can choose to use it at each appointment, but also high enough to generate a healthy extra amount of revenue for the PT. With a chamber under $40,000, and ten sessions paid for a day, the chamber will be paid off in less than a year. The revenue model for physical therapists is similar to the one explained in my last article:

All together, this is a smart choice as an add- on to a physical therapy practice. Cryotherapy manufacturers often distribute to almost any area, especially in Europe and the US. Finding a manufacturer is not difficult, though each chamber offers different characteristics. Once you find the right company with the most affordable price, you will soon see the benefits of cryotherapy in addition to physical therapy.