As mentioned in previous artciles there are 3 main problems in Estonian healthcare system that lead to the situation when patient cannot get appropriate medication or can get a wrong one. These are insufficient doctor’s interest in the pharmacys’ supplies, lack of communication between drug stores and doctors, poor synchronization of medicine related data between the State Agency of Medicines and hospitals.

SmartHealthcareToday offers the solution based on the smart contracts that enable trust of independent parties in the context of cross-organizational process. We focus on the person as the owner of his data and therefore we developed the technical solution for integration of different stakeholders with the help of dynamic integration process that is based on the intelligent agents driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can ask and share important information in the real time. SmartHealthcareToday tracks the medicine logistics with a blockchain technology and is aware of its availability in the real time. Smart contracts used in the context of patient-doctor relations ensure that it is not possible to prescribe unavailable medicine as well as to provide the medicine availability information directly from pharmacy warehouses to the hospital systems. Our services can be easily integrated to the hospital systems.

We consider the hospital engamenet as major factor of our success but we focus on the persons first as we beleive the better cure is to prevent illness on the early stage. This depends mostly on the person itself. In the next articlaes we consider healthare provider’s and individual’s problems and challenges in the e-health world.

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