How Do I Become a Trainer and Stand Out from The Crowd

Train The Trainer
Jan 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Becoming a trainer is simpler than you may think. It does require commitment, focus, and consistent work. However, if you are serious about getting your train the trainer qualification and into this role, you can achieve your goal within months.

Here’s our 5-step process for getting started as a trainer

How to Become a Confident, Certified Trainer in Ireland

Step 1: Find the Right Training Qualification for Your Needs

We offer 3 different options, and the right fit for you will depend on your needs.

  • If you’re focused on solely delivering training programmes, we recommend our most popular course, QQI Training Delivery and Evaluation (often called “The New Train the Trainer”).
  • If you are working within a HR role or intend to design your own training sessions, Training Needs Identification and Design is a wise choice.
  • If you intend to — or are already — work as a professional trainer, we strongly advise completing the QQI Special Purpose Award in Training and Development. This award combines both Training Delivery and Evaluation and Training Needs Identification & Design.

Not sure what course to choose?

Talk to us! Our training consultants have extensive experience with all 3 Train the Trainer courses and can point you in the right direction for your training career. You can reach us at Freephone 1800 910 810.

Step 2: Attend Training

Our courses are formatted as short, intensive workshops. We blend practical and theoretical learning to develop your confidence as you learn.

During training, you’ll gain the skills you need to design or deliver engaging training.

Step 3: Complete Self-Directed Learning & Assessment Work

Following training, you’ll have an 8-week period for further learning and completing your assessment work.

The assessment work varies, depending on which course you have completed. We will provide you with a full assessment brief and access to online course materials to support your progress.

Step 4: Achieve Certification

Once your work has been submitted and achieved a passing grade, you will go forward for QQI Certification. You’ll receive your physical certificate within 5–6 months of submitting your assessment work.

Step 5: Begin Training

When you have achieved certification, get started as soon as you can. Keep the momentum going by putting your new skills into practice both early and often.

The more you design and deliver training, the more confident you’ll become. Frequent training sessions will help to build your reputation and get your career as a trainer off to a great start.

Talk To Us

If you’re ready to go, why not reserve your place on one of our upcoming course dates?

Click your preferred course below to get started:

If you need a little more guidance, click below to ask a quick question, or call our consultants on Freephone 1800 910 810.

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