Salt Hacks: Amazing Tricks You Need to Know!

“Salt to taste”, they say. But there’s so much more to salt than taste!

When blood pressure patients are told to forego or cut down the use of salt in any dish they consume, you should see the look on their faces. While salt is the main essence of every dish, and of life — even the holy books refer to it as such — we can’t help but cringe at the thought of not using salt. Apart from consuming it as garnishing, or as a seasoning item, salt can be used in many more ways. Here are a few amazing tricks for using salt:

Clean the greasy sponge with salt — Place your greasy kitchen sponge in a bowl of salt water, and leave it overnight. The next morning, lift the sponge out, and wash it off under cold water. Notice the difference? The sponge is clean because salt acts as an abrasive agent here, removing all the grease!
Clean the eggy mess! — If you dropped an egg by accident on the floor while making breakfast, don’t sigh at the mess. And never ever use a wet cloth to mop the mess out. This will stain the floor, make it sticky, and the kitchen will smell of egg all day long. Sprinkle enough salt on the mess, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Use fresh paper towels to wipe the mess off, because by now the salt has worked to clump the egg (the coagulant effect), and will help with easy removal of the spill.
Clean your iron with salt — How often have you been caught staring at the base of the iron at home, because it has something sticky or waxy caught on it? Let’s not get into how the sticky stuff got there, but rather focus on how salt can help solve the problem. For this, you will need a generous amount of salt strewn over a sheet of wax paper. Turn the iron on to its highest temperature, and move the hot base on the wax paper in a back and forth motion for 30 seconds to a minute. What happens here is that the salt grabs the sticky residue and clumps it all up, and you get a brand new, clean soleplate to work with again!
Bring a smooth shine to a greasy dish — How often have you walked away from the stove leaving behind something to cook, only to come back to a burnt dish? You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing the grease off the pan anymore, not when a layer of dry salt on the burnt sections of the pan can help clear it all. Place a layer of salt into the pan where it is highly burnt, and wait for half an hour, then add water into the pan. Let it rest, then give it a good shake; you will have a new pan to work with in no time!
Calm down those BBQ flames — Whilst enjoying your outdoors barbeque with family and friends on a lovely Sunday evening, chances are the oil in the pan can get too heated, and the bonfire can become hazardous in no time. Instead of rushing for the water hose, throw a lot of salt over the flame to douse it. You won’t have to worry about burns and injuries while doing that, since salt blocks the oxygen that feeds the flames.
We hope these 5 smart uses for salt, that we shared with you, were helpful. Do you know of some more? Write in!

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