Exciting New Internet Era

We are at the dawn of a new era. It’s the blockchain era just like 25 years ago was the .com era. Wouldn’t all of us like to time travel and be the first to create youtube, myspace, ebay, or at least invest in them? Well we now get another chance for all those who have their mind open.

Yes I was one of those who mined Bitcoin when it was $7, and being young spent it on teen stuff. I wish I could time travel and have told myself what those Bitcoin would be worth in a few years.

But now I have another chance and my mind is open. When I first heard about Ethereum I knew it was going to be ushering in a new internet era and all the future dapps would be like .com websites. So I am going to build the best new social/ economic world on the blockchain and see how the future plays out. I got to create currency in the form of an ERC-20 token and figured out what’s the best way to give it away and make it valuable. Instead of giving my tokens away by mining, I’m going to give them away for things that people do anyway for free on FB, Twitter, or Reddit. And then make it easy for them to spend and use by having a platform lottery, art market, and crowdfund. The circle of earn and spend on the platform make it the perfect economic world.

So we will see what the future holds, and though none of us have a crystal ball I think with an open mind we can all see the signs.

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