Is MoneyTree the next FB?

What if people got paid for doing the same things they do on FB, Twitter, or Reddit? Not a few cents like Steemit, but substantial amounts of money. This is the vision of MoneyTree. Along with a FB like social experience MoneyTree will have a place to spend the Tree tokens users earn at the art market, crowdfunding, buying lottery tickets, and purchasing ad space.

The Tree token will also be available on exchanges and have it’s own Visa card so users can “cash out”. One of the most amazing aspects of cryptocurrency is that it allows people to create money and give it away. Bitcoin is given away via mining while the Tree token will be given away via user content rewards, universal basic income, referral rewards and lottery jackpots. It’s an exciting new age that the blockchain has created and we are at the dawn of this new age.

Tree tokens will be for sale in our Pre ICO starting Oct 24th with a first day 25% bonus.

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