“Booking a meeting with a decision maker who has not warmed up to either your company’s value proposition or has not been engaged in a friendly conversation is the hardest part of the process.” That’s what Annie told us when referring to scheduling qualified meetings.

Time and time again, we were seeing the same three issues in the process:

  • Bringing the decision maker in at the right time for a meeting
  • Bringing the right sales person from your company for that meeting
  • Using the right intelligence to move the meeting along to a closed deal

Bringing the decision maker in…

So you just received your qualified prospects list. Now as a sales rep you need to figure out how to engage with your prospects in a way that generates maximum positive replies. This is the tricky part, because even though you have a list of qualified prospects, you need to craft a decent sounding introduction message to the decision makers, in the hopes of attracting their attention and getting a response.

When asked what she thought of the engagement process, Annie pointed out that thought leadership is the #1 criteria to land new businesses.

Our response:

If thought leadership is…

If you are a sales development representative (SDR) such as Annie reading this, you know sales prospecting process is long drawn process. Like Annie, you can often find yourself going through an everlasting and time-consuming process of lead identification and qualification. More often than not, you can find yourself constantly searching, finding, and messaging through hundreds of leads, before you can even think of turning them into opportunities for your B2B company.

This leads to the first blog of our three part series, in which we discuss the first issue Annie told us about: the discovery and qualification of prospects…

If you are a B2B Growth hacker reading this, Scopify is the one solution that revolutionizes the way we use technology to bridge the gap between you and your next customers. Our solution is simple, a sales rep looking for a new prospect enters Scopify and checks out with a qualified meeting with the decision maker of their choice. Easy?! Well, lets take a step back and share our story on how share how we got started. We found ourselves noticing gaps in the way marketing and sales funnels are structured and operated. We learned it wasn’t just us. It…

Scopify AI

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