An interview with Tom Janssens (of Cegeka NV) about what Bounded Context is, when to use it and what the pitfalls are.

Bounded Context is a part of the “Domain Driven Design” concept, but what is Bounded Context?

Tom: Bounded Context, the word explains itself, is part of a larger context. The context is actually the environment in which you will develop the application. And a Bounded Context is a logical part of that context.

Suppose, tomorrow you start a leasing company. Your leasing company starts with one person and you start from scratch. You have some Excel documents in…

interview with Guido Dechamps, see video below.

What is Domain Driven Design?

Guido: Domain Driven Design is actually a philosophy about how to develop software, where the focus is on the business domain, and from there to develop a good model. We techies, we can get very enthusiastic about the latest technologies: Docker, Machine Learning, Kubernetes,… All fantastic, but these are tools. And… Tools are meant to end.

Domain Driven Design actually starts from the premise: the complex issues are actually the business problem of the customer. Because there you find the people, and business processes, and what the client…

Jelle D'Hulster

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