Cool Apps and Sites I

It seems like every second of every day there is a new and better app. Hard to get your arms around what’s out there. Thankfully, we have friends and family who curate the latest and greatest and keep us posted on the best. Some are useful, some exciting and some are both. We started a list of our recent non-shopping favorites and finds:

If you like photography, Artifact Uprising helps you use your photos to make gorgeous photograph prints, albums and creative gifts. “Off your device, into your life” is their pretty great motto. We, however, are both just awful at taking photographs. If we were better, we would use Snapfish to print them on everything. And, of course, you can print someone else’s good photo too. And then there’s Pinterest with photos of just about everything. We use it for shopping, for decorating, for a way to remind ourselves of things we like and may want to go back to.

Scripted. We like to write, but not everyone does. This site will connect you to writers who will write for you, and even do research on a topic of your choice.

Pager. A doc and nurse at your doorstep at the swipe of your fingers. You request, they call, they show up. Wish it existed when a parent called panicked because he couldn’t find his pulse. Daughter used it for some shots she needed for exotic travel. Doctor and nurse who showed up at her apartment were both first class. A great service, especially when you don’t want to bother your fancy doctor for something that is probably nothing — but just want to make sure.

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