Panic in the Afternoon

You know that feeling, right after lunch and during a long afternoon, when you find yourself retired, with absolutely no commitments, nothing to do, nothing planned, no obligations? Everyone seems to be busy — except you. Panic sets in — what will you do for the next five hours or so until dinner when even working people might be available to spend some time with you? How can you make the afternoon go faster? Or, better yet, how can you convert panic to relish?

Mornings are easy. There is breakfast to consume, news to digest, bills and other paperwork to take care of, calls to return, errands to run. But the afternoons — that’s when the panic starts to set in. At first we wondered whether it was just us.

We quickly discovered that it is a common condition — a little, but not much, comfort. Then we started to figure it out. As full time working women, we were so used to, reflexively, choosing the earliest time in the day to do personal stuff. We no longer have to do that.

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