Does practice make perfect?

A friendly guide to help your child practice

That’s what music is about!

Practicing music instruments is the hottest topic among parents whose children study music. The topic is so vast and comprehensive that though it’s the fist post in our blog, it’s not going to be the last one covering this question.

How much my child should practice? That’s one of the first questions I hear from a devoted parent. The answer is not straight: it depends on a kid. Some can start practising a little bit from the first lesson, most of the children would not need to practice and even shouldn’t practice for the first month or two.

Music should always be fun! it’s a hard work, but a very joyful hard work. That’s what we are all about at Russian School of Music Irvine

Later, students can practice and some would practice 15 minutes some will do 45 minutes. Surprisingly, more practice’s time doesn’t mean better results. Many students get forced to practice and the yield of such a practice is depressive.

Practice should always be voluntary. Yes, always! Some parents would reply that if they don’t force kids, they wouldn’t do a thing. That’s not true. Children are very curious and they love learning. They don’t like doing something that is boring and unclear; it’s true.

In our teaching style, we always make learning relevant to children’s aspirations: often, it takes a kid a lesson to learn the Harry Potter theme, which is very challenging and features some advanced technical skills that otherwise would take a few months to learn.

10 levels of CM theory (a tedious process that takes from 5 to 8 years) can be easily replaced with Beauty and the Beast, picked up by ear, played in several voices and transposed in all keys. It’s fun and gives children a feeling of something meaningful completed.

If you create a friendly environment which welcomes creativity and praises the effort, children will reward you with their eagerness to practice and learn.

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